• Blackstone’s Commentaries Go “Hollywood”: Free Video, with Bogart, Wells, but no Fish

    Hat tip to Yale Law Library blog post: “Blackstone Goes Hollywood” – and we’re the studio,” June 5, by Mike Widener Excerpt from Worlds of Law Blackstone Goes Hollywood post: “I’ve made a new video—about Blackstone’s Commentaries. It’s also about storytelling form in lega...

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  • Is President Obama A Plagiarist?

    Did President Obama rip off some materia...

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    • Word watch: pallid.

      All of the following occurrences appeared within the last few days: "The stakes are too high, the disappointment in some quarters — and some Supreme Court chambers — over the pallid outcome of the Supreme Court’s Fisher case t...
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    • Marvel’s Misadventures in the Kirby Copyright Chronicles

      …Marvel may have to call in The Avengers for help with this one. The comic giant filed papers on July 14th arguing to the U.S. Supreme Court that it should not review the Second Circuit appeal court’s decision in Marvel Characters, Inc. v Kirby. The case concerned whether the estate of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby…

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    • Word watch: pallid.

      … muse and lover, Viola De Lesseps, Tom Bateman and Lucy Briggs-Owen are so vibrantly engaging that they make Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie look like a pair of pallid milksops." From a Chicago Tribune review of a stage version of "Shakespeare in Love." "Pallid dudes surrounded by dorm-room décor rhapsodize over their first…

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    • A Patent History of Filmmaking

      …The history of film is a long one that, by some accounts, extends as far back as the early 1700s and the discovery by German physicist Johann Heinrich Schulze that silver salts react to light exposure by becoming darker in color. By the late 1800s, celluloid film had appeared and the ability to record motion pictures through a camera had become…

    • Non-Sequiturs: 05.08.14

      …* Abraham Lincoln was a harder working lawyer than you are. [Abraham Lincoln's Almanac Trial] * Quentin Tarantino has given up the ghost and dropped his suit against Gawker over The Hateful Eight. [The Escapist] * The people who made stupid toe shoes have settled a big class action. [Deadspin] * Judge Posner and Justice Scalia haven’t had a public…

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    • Non-Sequiturs: 04.14.14

      …* Remember to enter the Sixth Annual Law Revue competition. The submission deadline is Thursday at 5. [Above the Law] * Johnny Depp subpoenaed in a murder case. He’ll finally pay for what he did to basic dignity in that Lone Ranger movie. [TMZ] * Speaking of murder, a court in Pakistan has dropped the attempted murder charges that had been filed…

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