Motorcycle Crashes

    • Motorcycle Accidents Carry Higher Amputation Risk

      When you suffer a severe injury to a limb like an arm or a leg, you may face amputation. These kinds of accidents are incredibly difficult and debilitating. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer amputations in crashes. Amputations are serious and life-changing. There are far too many of these kinds of injuries in and around Atlanta.

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  • Safety Tips for New Motorcyclists in Georgia

    … If you ride a motorcycle your chances of serious injury are considerably higher than if you drive a car. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), states there are more than 100,000 motorcycle accidents every year in the United States. Riders are almost 40 times more likely than drivers to lose their lives…

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  • Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Injuries

    … from 81,000 in 2011. Common Injuries Caused by Jacksonville Motorcycle Accidents Oftentimes the injuries sustained to the driver and passenger of a motorcycle accident can be severe including the following: Orthopedic Injuries: This injury type refers to broken/fractured bones as well as strained muscles and torn ligaments or tendons…

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  • Common Motorcycle Injuries

    … Head Injuries Head injuries are by far the most common type of motorcycle accident injury. Head injuries can include anything from a concussion to brain damage, and traumatic brain injuries. The brain is one of the most critical organs and, as a resultncan receive varying levels of damage from mild to very severe. For this reason…

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  • 10 Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

    … for motorcycles than for cars. Railway tracks and crossings: Motorcycle tires can get caught in a railway track, causing a crash. Debris or objects in the road: Parts of tire treads, things fallen from trucks, branches, or rocks, are more hazardous to motorcycles than cars. Slippery surfaces: The list of objects and surfaces that are, or can become…

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  • Should I settle my motorcycle accident claim?

    … If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering if you should settle, and how much your case might be worth. There are many unique factors in a motorcycle accident that make it difficult to accurately predict the outcome. However, here are some facts to take into consideration when attempting to value…

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  • Facial Fractures and Motorcycle Accidents

    … Florida’s famously mild climate means that motorcycle riders are able to enjoy their bikes almost year-round. Unfortunately, this fact also means that Florida residents are regularly involved in serious motorcycle accidents. In fact, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles,1 there were 9,854 motorcycle crashes in 2014…

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