A motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or muscular component, that must be learned and voluntarily produced to proficiently perform a specific goal or complete a task, according to Knapp, Newell, and Sparrow.A motor skill is a voluntary learned movement that is goal orientated with a certain level of proficiency according to Knapp, Newell, and Sparrow.
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  • New Laws in Texas for 2017

    … driver may refuse to provide service to a passenger who has demonstrated unruly and disorderly conduct, but according to the law, may not refuse to provide services for discriminatory reasons or to passengers with service animals (unless the driver has medical documentation verifying a medical reason for denying service).  No School on Labor Day [HB…

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  • Who is Responsible in an Uber Car Accident?

    …: Your occupation The severity of your injuries Your age Your prognosis Whether you were partially at fault for your accident Contact a Philadelphia Uber Accident Lawyer Today to Discuss Your Case If you have been injured in a car accident where Uber is involved, you need experienced legal representation. You should know that Uber has…

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  • Texas 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Statistics

    … within big cities. The majority of less-populous counties in Texas may see fewer than 100 truck accidents per year, while populous areas like Dallas and Harris County see a few thousand (3,598 and 5,887 in 2015, respectively). Truck accident statistics nationwide. According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety…

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  • Winter Roads Can Be Dangerous in Illinois

    … Winter is the most dangerous season for driving. The frigid temperatures often lead to snow, ice, freezing rain, and other factors that can prompt hazardous winter roads that lead to motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in a winter-related motor collision, you should consult experienced Chicago car accident lawyers at Staver Law…

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  • Car Accidents Caused by Drowsy Drivers

    … in approximately 1-3 percent of motor vehicle accidents each year, the results of several in-depth studies report the true figure to be much higher. One such study that was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and showed that between 1999 and 2008, drowsy driving was a factor in: Drive Alert and Arrive Alive 7 percent of all crashes…

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  • Texas Ranks #1… When It Comes to Bad Drivers

    … The categories that were used to rank each individual state included the following: Rate of fatalities for every 100,000,000 miles driven. Failure to obey motor vehicle laws (traffic signals, failing to wear seat belts, etc.). Drunk driving (percentage of fatal crashes that resulted because of alcohol use). Speeding (percentage of fatalities…

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  • Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

    …, these types of accidents are usually unforeseen, often resulting in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Vehicle Rollovers — SUVs and pickup trucks are usually designed and manufactured with a high center of gravity. This can make them easy to tip over or violently roll in a serious collision. Accidents of this nature may even lead to a product…

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  • DUI Victims’ Rights In Illinois

    …. Drivers operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents both in Illinois as well as in the rest of the United States. Recognizing the role that alcohol continues to play in car accidents in the state of Illinois, voters have enacted a constitutional amendment to the Illinois state…

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  • Top Five Pedestrian Accident Claims

    … getting behind the wheel if you are too tired to drive. Driving While Distracted Last, and perhaps most important, many legal claims are brought by pedestrians against motorists as a result of motorists engaging in distracted driving and unintentionally striking a pedestrian while not paying attention to the road. Whether because the driver…

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  • 10 Ways To Share The Road With Bicycles

    … Hundreds of cyclists die annually, and more riders are injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents on our roads. Similar to pedestrians, bicycle riders are vulnerable to the negligence of drivers. The roadway was designed for all road users to enjoy and traverse without fear of injury or loss; therefore, it is important that both motor…

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  • Whiplash can be Surprisingly Serious

    … you choose to forgo due to your injury, headaches you have, sleep disturbances you experience, or any other ways in which the injury has affected you. Call a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation If you have sustained a neck or spine injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another person, you should…

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  • Texas Car Accident Statistics

    … occurred in urban areas, leading to 1,606 fatalities. Incident frequency rates in urban areas are nearly three times higher than in rural areas of Texas, based on miles traveled. Last year, fatal accidents caused by distracted driving dipped by just 1% (476 total deaths). Fatal auto-pedestrian accidents shot up by an incredible 12.7…

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