Minimum Wage

A minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily or monthly remuneration that employers may legally pay to workers. Equivalently, it is the lowest wage at which workers may sell their labor. Although minimum wage laws are in effect in many jurisdictions, differences of opinion exist about the benefits and drawbacks of a minimum wage. Supporters of the minimum wage say it increases the standard of living of workers, reduces poverty, reduces inequality, boosts morale and forces businesses to be more efficient. In contrast, opponents of the minimum wage say it increases poverty, increases unemployment (particularly among low productivity workers) and is damaging to businesses.
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  • First Loan Officers, Now PNC Asst. Managers Win FLSA Suit

    … a tie! FLSA and Wage Theft Claims Employers that refuse to pay minimum wage or overtime wages are guilty of wage theft. Under the FLSA, workers are entitled to double back pay and legal fees. They are also protected against retaliation. Some of the most egregious overtime violations occur in the financial services industry. If you think you may…

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  • PNC Pays Mortgage Loan Officers $16M – Overtime Lawsuit

    … working long hours. Hours that exceeded 40 per week. In some instances, loan officers worked so many hours that at $24,000 salary, they didn’t even make minimum wage! PNC settled the case for $16,000,000 and was not required to admit liability. The settlement order says, “PNC denies all of the allegations made by the Plaintiffs…

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  • Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks New Overtime Rules

    … a subtler impact that this decision will have on individual states, including Maine. As you know, employers must comply with both state and federal minimum wage and overtime laws. While the court decision means that the federal law will not be changing right now, Maine voters did approve changes to the state minimum wage law through a ballot…

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  • A Requiem for Private Prisons and a Last Call too.

    … and New Jersey. Brian’s first book, Saints, Sinners & Heroes – Covert Ops in the War Against the C-Suite Mafia is being released this month. In appreciation to the readers of, Brian will give away free copies to the first five c.o.’s, healthcare workers or other insiders with information about fraud within private prisons or with private prison healthcare. He can be reached through his website, The post A Requiem for Private Prisons and a Last Call too. appeared first on Mahany Law. …

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  • Wage Theft Post – Getting Paid for Travel and Commuting?

    … to the exceptions. The FLSA sets forth a federal minimum wage and requires most workers be paid at time and one half rates if they work more than 40 hours in a 7-day work period. (Some unscrupulous employers try to declare all workers to be “managers” or tell workers that because they are salaried, they are exempt from overtime. Don’t believe it. If you have…

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  • Uber Drivers Claim They Are Not Independent Contractors… in the UK

    … Our lawsuits against Uber have generated national press. Just about every major media outlet in the United States has covered the battle between corporate goliath Uber (market capitalization $62 billion) and its drivers. Many of those drivers struggle to earn even minimum wage. Now that battle seems to be going global. A British law firm has…

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  • Journal Sentinel

    … if a judge certifies the class and Uber has to turn over records of its Wisconsin drivers. Uber did not reply to an email Friday to its news media contact address. The suit claims seven causes of action against Uber: tortious interference with prospective business relations, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, conversion, unfair competition…

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  • Milwaukee Magazine

    … by a lawyer representing driver Lamont Lathan, claims that the company misclassifies drivers as independent contractors when they should be termed employees – thus depriving the drivers of overtime pay and benefits. The suit makes numerous claims, including that the company withholds tips from its drivers, and that it violates minimum wage laws…

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  • Fox 6

    … by someone new, their own drivers. “More and more drivers are becoming unhappy,” said Brian Mahany, attorney. Friday, Attorney Brian Mahany filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of drivers in Wisconsin. Mahany says many drivers make less than minimum wage. “Maintenance on the vehicle, cost, gasoline, insurance, all of their downtime…

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  • Good News for Wisconsin Uber Drivers – (Benefits and Wage Theft)

    … was filed by Brian Mahany on behalf of all Uber drivers in the state. We believe that Uber is one of the wealthiest companies in the nation. Unfortunately, many of its drivers do not earn minimum wage, are denied benefits and can’t recover their expenses. Uber’s public statements in response to the lawsuit suggest that 90% of drivers want to remain…

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  • Feds Find 2000 Ag Workers Owed Wages – FLSA Wage Theft Post

    …. This is especially true of migrant workers who move from job to job. FLSA and the Migrant and Seasonal Worker Protection Act Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act – FLSA – in 1938 during the Great Depression. The law assured that most American workers would receive at least a minimum wage, pay for all time worked and overtime at premium…

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