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The Middle East (also Mid-East in US usage) is a region that roughly encompasses a majority of Western Asia (excluding the Caucasus) and Egypt. The term is used as a synonym for Near East, in opposition to Far East. The corresponding adjective is Middle-Eastern and the derived noun is Middle-Easterner. Arabs, Persians and Turks comprise the largest ethnic groups in the region by population, while Kurds, Azeris, Copts, Jews, Assyrians, Maronites, Circassians, Somalis, Armenians, Druze and other denominations form a significant minority.The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, and the region has generally been a major center of world affairs.
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  • $85 Million Wasted on “Empty Shells”? Government Contractor Fraud Post

    … here. In this post, we discuss a November 14th report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGTAR). In his report, Inspector General John Sopko reported “serious deficiencies in the management and oversight of $85 million in loans made by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (“OPIC”) for the construction…

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  • Sleeping with the Enemy? Qui Tam Whistleblower Post

    … Department will not join it, and if they don’t join, the odds of success drop dramatically.” We disagree. Prosecuting cases for fraud in the Middle East is difficult, yes. Our concern is more with the availability of witnesses and proof of the fraud. It can be hard for a person returning to or based in the United States to prove something…

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  • US Contractors Tagged for Iraq, Afghanistan Reconstruction Fraud

    … if they misuse taxpayer funds.” The Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Defense Contract Audit Agency and USAID’s Inspector General are assisting in the prosecution. What makes this case unusual (and refreshing) is the decision to prosecute the officers civilly even after the company paid a $50.4 million fine. Since becoming Attorney General…

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  • How to Fight the Puppy Killers… and WIN! – FCPA Whistleblower Post

    … base. The marksmen were supposedly crack Ugandan commandos. A company official, tired of the lies and worried about the security of our military men and women, blew the whistle. He said the men couldn’t hit the side of a barn while standing a few feet away. The company just fudged the shooting scores so they could get paid. Getting back to E Sec…

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  • Memorial Day Parade Accidents

    … were killed serving our country, many of whom lost their lives overseas. Overtime, Memorial Day has become a holiday focused on spending time with friends and family. For families who lost someone long ago or to the current war in the Middle East, this can be the best way to celebrate their loved one. But with the family get-togethers…

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  • The Other Crisis

    … The Situation Previously on this blog we have brought you coverage of Europe’s deepening refugee crisis. An unprecedented event, that Crisis will surely have lasting impact beyond Western and Southern Europe, where waves of humanity escaping the Syrian War and other destabilizing events of the Middle East and Northern Africa continue to seek…

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  • Seeking Oil Industry Whistleblowers

    … in some countries. A third risk factor is the reliance on third parties. Companies doing business in Asia, Africa and the Middle East often use intermediaries. Even if the U.S. company doesn’t tolerate bribery of government officials, the U.S. company may still be liable if an intermediary pays a bribe on behalf of the U.S. company. SEC Whistleblower…

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  • Missing Defense Supplies and Whistleblowers

    … against Supreme Foodservice, one of the largest food and beverage vendors for our troops in Afghanistan. The company paid $389 million in fines and penalties. The case was brought by a whistleblower that received $16,160,000 for his work in coming forward. If the missing 160 Humvees still sounds strange, in 2012, APTx Vehicle Systems paid $3 million…

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