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  • Violation of Probation

    … and Disposition. What is a Violation of Probation? If you were placed on probation, the sentencing court gave you a set of rules. Those rules are the terms of probation. There are certain standard rules, but the judge can customize the terms for your particular case. You do not have to break the law to violate probation. All you have to do is break…

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  • Broward DUI Conviction Rate 56%

    … and the date of the offense; The data below is from year 2013 in order to allow additional time for cases to be resolved and reflected in the annual data; The data is limited to three counties. Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Marion County; The term “guilty” does not mean guilty of DUI; “Guilty” as used below means a finding of guilt as to DUI…

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  • Right to Trial by Combat | Bad Idea

    …, when faced with real estate closings, traffic tickets, divorce and yes criminal defense, attorneys typically hire other attorneys. There are numerous reasons why a lawyer would hire another lawyer to handle his/her case. Initially, lawyers recognize when their legal issue is outside the scope of their own expertise. However, the main reason that most…

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  • What is Flakka? | The Truth About A-PVP

    … stories that you hear on the news are the truly bizarre incidents. So keep in mind that the local news only shows stories that sensationalize the topic. You will never hear “BREAKING NEWS AT 6 O’CLOCK! High School Student Kevin Smokes Flakka and Says it was Pretty Cool, but Wouldn’t do it Again!” Instead you will hear “BREAKING NEWS AT 6 O’CLOCK! MAN…

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  • Constitutional Right to a Speedy Trial

    … “Your Honor, the State requests a continuance.” Florida has two speedy trials rules. The right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution is made applicable to the State of Florida through the Fourteenth Amendment. Additionally, Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.191 provides additional protections in excess…

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  • DUI License Suspension | Administrative Hearing

    … whether to fight the suspension in an administrative hearing or consent to the suspension. Whatever choice you make, there is paperwork that should be filed with the DHSMV notifying them of your intention. Please note that a Public Defender’s role is limited to criminal proceedings. Accordingly, a public defender will not assist you…

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  • Motion to Suppress Everything for Reasons

    …. Kane County criminal lawyer, Matthew Haiduk, publishes a blog titled “Disorderly Conduct.” Mr. Haiduk mentions his reasoning for filing an omnibus motion to suppress stating “We’d get appointed, not even have police reports, and [the judge would] order that we would have to have any and all defense motions filed within 30 days… even if the trial…

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  • Florida Mugshot Removal

    …. Mug Shot Removal Regulation Will Fail Here is why Bill 0276 will fail. All internet domains are registered to an owner. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, hereinafter “ICANN” keeps track of what individual and/or company owns the various names. You can think of it as the internet’s registrar of deeds. Just like the registrar…

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  • Convention on International Road Traffic

    … International Driving Permit Pursuant to the Convention on International Road Traffic Convention on International Road Traffic, How to Turn a Misdemeanor into an International Conflict If you practice criminal law in South Florida, you will defend people who are not residents or citizens of the United States. Treaties between the United States…

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