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  • Aggravated Battery | Felony Battery

    … by throwing, tossing, projecting, or expelling certain fluids or materials. Ft. Lauderdale criminal attorney, Michael Dye, has extensive experience handling aggravated battery, felony battery and domestic battery cases through trial. For more information concerning aggravated battery and other battery charges, please contact us at: The Law Offices of Michael A. Dye, PA, 1 East Broward Boulevard #700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954)990-0525 …

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  • DUI Manslaughter Defense

    … Analysis of Postmortem Specimens Strict Liability vs Causation Florida had a strict liability DUI manslaughter statute until 1986. All the state needed to prove was that the defendant was driving while impaired, was involved in a car accident and somebody died as a result of the car accident. It did not matter if the defendant was at fault…

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  • Broward DUI Conviction Rate 56%

    …, another traffic criminal matter charged with the DUI or a reduced charge from the DUI; For example, if an individual is charged with DUI and he or she takes a plea to reckless driving, that still counts as a guilty. This inflates the amount of individuals who are found “guilty” without disclosing how often the state reduces the charge…

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  • Florida Sentencing Guidelines

    … to find the offense levels for any prior convictions. In the example below I simply put four prior DUIs for the sake of simplicity. Legal Status: Section 5 assigns points for legal status violations. A legal status is when an individual can be classified as an escapee, and absconder or, amongst others, already incarcerated. Section 6 assigns points…

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  • Right to Trial by Combat | Bad Idea

    … proceedings while publically disparaging the judge assigned to the case, Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court just to name a few; Former Attorney Sentenced to Life in Prison – This attorney handled high profile and complex criminal cases. He was also a former federal prosecutor. He was convicted of conspiracy to murder a witness and other federal…

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  • What is Flakka? | The Truth About A-PVP

    … ON $5 DRUG THAT CAUSES INSTANT INSANTITY IMPALES NUTSACK ON FENCE POST! ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE IS UPON US!” Flakka and the current flakka hysteria is similar to bath salts and how bath salts were viewed and portrayed just a few years ago. Remember when bath salts were going to turn people into flesh eating zombies? There was the Miami cannibal attack…

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  • Constitutional Right to a Speedy Trial

    … a determination as to whether the defendant’s right to a speedy trial has been violated. The United States Supreme Court established the four factor test in the case of Barker v. Wingo. The four factors are 1) the length of the delay; 2) the reason for the delay; 3) whether defendant asserted his right to a speedy trial and 4) the degree to which…

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  • DUI License Suspension | Administrative Hearing

    … whether to fight the suspension in an administrative hearing or consent to the suspension. Whatever choice you make, there is paperwork that should be filed with the DHSMV notifying them of your intention. Please note that a Public Defender’s role is limited to criminal proceedings. Accordingly, a public defender will not assist you…

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  • Motion to Suppress Everything for Reasons

    …. Kane County criminal lawyer, Matthew Haiduk, publishes a blog titled “Disorderly Conduct.” Mr. Haiduk mentions his reasoning for filing an omnibus motion to suppress stating “We’d get appointed, not even have police reports, and [the judge would] order that we would have to have any and all defense motions filed within 30 days… even if the trial…

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  • Florida DUI Laws | Changes are Needed

    … Florida DUI Laws | The War on Drugs Florida DUI Laws & The War on Drugs Florida DUI laws and the war on drugs are unnecessarily inextricably intertwined with one another. Florida Statute 316.193 states: “(1) A person is guilty of the offense of driving under the influence and is subject to punishment as provided in subsection (2…

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  • Police Body Cameras vs Video Taping the Police

    … Trust the police to turn in their videos. Florida Senate Bill 248 | Recording Law Enforcement Activities The “Police and Citizen Protection Act,” also known as, Florida Senate Bill 248 was introduced on January 7, 2015 by Senator Christopher Smith of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If passed, the bill would require all law enforcement officers…

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  • Florida Mugshot Removal

    …. Police reports will and should always be a matter of public record. State legislatures may want to reconsider their positions on mugshots. The Law Offices of Michael A. Dye, PA, 1 E Broward Blvd #700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954)990-0525 or The Law Offices of Michael A. Dye, PA, 2 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33131 (305)459-3286 …

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  • Drugged Driving Florida 2015 | Prediction No Change

    …, a chemical substance, a controlled substance, a medication, a drug, or any other impairing substance does not constitute a defense against any charge of violating subsection (1). Absurd Results Created by Poorly Drafted Legislation: Absurd Result # 1 DUI Marijuana A chemotherapy patient who smokes 1 puff of marijuana for medicinal purposes and drives 10…

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  • The Role of a Grand Jury in Florida Criminal Law

    … an indictment, the Office of the State Attorney can simply review the probable cause affidavit submitted by the arresting agency and if the prosecutor reviewing the affidavit determines that there is probable cause, the prosecutor issues an “information” which is the formal charging documents for the crime. A criminal defendant in Florida can…

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