• Sometimes, Video Doesn’t Matter

    The allegations against University of Maryland student John McKenna would likely have stuck, but for the fact that it was caught on video. It was infamous at the time, a happy college kid skipping down the sidewalk after beating Duke in basketball in 2010. Then beaten. It was bad enough that he was beaten. It was worse that they lied about why.

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  • New Columbia: Congress Considers The Creation of America’s First City-State

    On Monday, the Senate will hold a hearing in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on entering a new state into the Union: New Columbia. I was asked if I could testify on S. 132 since I have written a long academic publication on the status of the District of Columbia and testified at the prior hearings on allowing for voting representation of District residents.

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    • How To Choose Your Cannabis Law Firm

      With our blog and our Facebook page gaining readers nationwide, and as our own cannabis clients expand into states in which our law firm has no licensed lawyers, cannabis businesses are regularly asking for our advice on who they should hire as attorneys in various states. Just this week we were asked about Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Texas, and Hawaii.
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    • Whoops. 2015 Corvettes Come With Illegal Spying Feature.

      Corvette owners may want to put this sign on their dashboards to avoid criminal charges The pin-up page for the 2015 Corvette brags about the car’s many features, including its “industry-exclusive Performance Data Recorder,” which is like a Fitbit for the owners’ driving, collecting stats about a particular drive as well as audio and video.
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    The latest about Maryland

    • Maryland Court Denied Husband’s Effort to Terminate Alimony

      … support (also known as “alimony”) from the other. Couples contemplating divorce are encouraged to consult with an experienced family law attorney early in the proceedings in order to ensure that their financial rights are protected. Since divorce is regulated by each state individually, it is important to contact a Maryland lawyer who is fully familiar…

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    • Third Circuit on the mosaic theory and Smith v. Maryland

      … privacy rights under the Fourth Amendment. We agree with the District Court that this argument is foreclosed by Smith [v. Maryland]. Gomez provided a third party — in this case, Sprint — with all the data that the DEA obtained through the use of the pen register and trap and trace device. In so doing, Gomez abandoned his privacy interest in this data…

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    • Michael Phelps Arrested For Second DUI

      …. In that case, Phelps struck a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation for his initial DUI, but there’s certainly a possibility he’ll head to the slammer for a second DUI. Luckily for Phelps, his second DUI arrest comes 10 years after his first arrest. Under Maryland law, for a DUI to be considered…

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    • Whoops. 2015 Corvettes Come With Illegal Spying Feature.

      …. Via Ars Technica: “In California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington, all parties involved in the recording must either consent to a recording or at least be aware that the recording is happening, depending on the state. So…

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    • Coast Guard Medevacs Injured Passenger from Grandeur of the Seas

      …The U.S. Coast Guard was summonsed to a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Friday night after a 58 year old woman was severely injured in a fall. News accounts say that the Coast Guard responded to the Grandeur of the Seas. The Coast Guard launched a rescue boat from a station in southern Maryland on the the Chesapeake Bay. The 58 year old passenger and her husband were transported to the Point Lookout Marina and then airlifted to a trauma unit in Baltimore. Photo credit: Wikipedia / J. Glover creative commons 3.0…

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    • Costly Medical Marijuana Licenses Expected In Maryland

      …Back in the spring when Maryland's revamped medical marijuana law passed the General Assembly it wasn't just the thousands of patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions that rejoiced. Hundreds of potential investors immediately began to salivate over potential profits from legalized pot here in Maryland. There are millions to be made…

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    • Blair-Stanek Presents Crisis-Proofing Tax Law Today at Michigan State

      …Friday, September 26, 2014 By Paul Caron Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland) presents Crisis-Proofing Tax Law at Michigan State today as part of its Junior Faculty Workshop: Tax law should borrow from tort law’s doctrine of necessity to respond better to future financial crises. Tort law gives dock owners a “property rule” right to exclude unwanted…

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    • Weekly Legal Education Roundup

      … (Northwestern), Student Loans, Moral Hazard, and a Law School Mess: Part 2 Sherri Lee Keene (Maryland), One Small Step for Legal Writing, One Giant Leap for Legal Education: Making the Case for More Writing Opportunities in the 'Practice-Ready' Law School Curriculum, 65 Mercer L. Rev. 467 (2014) Julian Laurens, Alex Steel & Anna Huggins (all…

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