• “He Violated the Laws Up in the Heavens and Down”: Leading Washington Rabbi Charged As Peeping Tom In Ritual Mikva Baths

    The Washington Jewish community has been rocked by allegations against leading Rabbi Barry Freundel of the Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown. Freundel is accused of using a secret camera to film Jewish woman engaged in the ritual bath known as a Mikva. Freundel (shown above from a YouTube clip), is now criminally charged.

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  • “Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required”

    “’How can this happen?’ [Arnolds Park, Iowa restaurant owner Carole] Hinders said in a recent interview. ‘Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?’ The federal government does.” For years I’ve been writing about the injustice of federal deposit-structuring law, from the South Mountain Creamery case in Maryland on up, and more recent ...

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    • Michael Phelps Faces Second Arrest for DUI

      Michael Phelps Faces Second Arrest for DUI Posted on Oct 2, 2014 4:39pm PDT On Tuesday, September 30th, Michael Phelps was arrested for DUI in Baltimore, MD. He was stopped by a Maryland Transportation Authority police officer in the early morning, after travelling at almost twice the 45 mile an hour speed limit and crossing double lines.
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    • Do Nurses Who Catch Ebola Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

      By now, many Americans waiting with baited breath to learn the latest news about the people infected with the Ebola virus here in the United States. Nina Pham is the first Dallas, Texas, nurses who contracted Ebola. According to the most recent reports, she is currently resting comfortably and in fair condition in Maryland at the National Institutes of Health.
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    • New Maryland Criminal Laws In Effect

      Soon after the close of each year's legislative session the governor signs dozens of bills into law. The public typically hears about these new laws at the three main stages when the media can report a concrete story. First we read about a bill being introduced in the house or senate, which is usually in January.
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    The latest about Maryland

    • Divorce Classes

      … Divorce Classes We have court-ordered parenting classes for people going through divorce in Maryland, but Oklahoma is trying something different. Their classes will discuss divorce and emphasize reconciliation in an attempt to convince people to stay married. State Senator Rob Standridge, who sponsored the new law, says not every marriage can…

      2 readers - James J. Gross/ Maryland Divorce Legal Crier
    • Changes to Pennsylvania Mechanic’s Lien Code

      … For this week’s Guest Post Friday here at Musings, we welcome Jim Fullerton. Jim is the President of the law firm of Fullerton & Knowles, P.C., which has attorneys licensed in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, is a Martindale Hubbell Peer Rated Lawyer AV® Preeminent.™ The firm represents owners, lenders, design…

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    • Justice Alito Gets Award From St. Thomas More Society

      … The St. Thomas More Society of Maryland yesterday presented U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito with its "Man for All Seasons Award." According to The Daily Record, Catholic groups have particularly praised Alito for his majority opinion earlier this year in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores. The award was presented to Justice Alito at the Society's Red Mass Banquet. …

      2 readers - Howard Friedman/ Religion Clause
    • Baltimore City Police Considering Body Cameras

      … to fear the camera. The Blog will continue to follow the progress of the body camera program in Baltimore City, and in other police jurisdictions around Maryland. We suspect it won't be long before body cams are the norm, and we welcome this progression. As always, if you have a criminal case you would like to discuss with a defense attorney contact…

    • News Scan

      … by non-U.S. citizens. Bryan Preston of PJ Media reports that the Virginia Voters Alliance compared how voters in one county filled out jury duty statements to their voting records and discovered that thousands of people who said they were not U.S. citizens on jury duty forms later went on to cast votes in elections. The group also found that roughly 40,000 people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland. Non-citizens are prohibited from voting in all state and federal elections.…

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    • Timing is Everything

      …Last post I wrote about how long the process can take. Now I am going to talk about deadlines to do some of those things in the process. Because if you miss a deadline, you can be out of luck. SOL does not just stand for Statute of Limitations in the law. Now, family law does not have any statute of limitations. You pretty much can file…

      Divorce Field
    • California Sets the Bar for State Regulation of Autonomous Vehicle Testing

      … cars. Florida, Nevada, Michigan, and the District of Columbia have all passed laws regulating autonomous-car testing. Hawaii, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota are moving quickly to pass laws as well. Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands allow testing on public roads. And the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan are all planning transport systems for these autonomous cars. So there are plenty of other reference points that other states and countries should look to, but California has set the bar and set it well. …

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    • Top Exec at California Stem Cell Agency Departing

      …. The No. 3 person at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), as the agency is formally known, left last July and has not been replaced. The agency staff now numbers 54. Asked today whether Michelle Williams, the former chief scientific officer of Mills’ previous firm, Osiris Therapeutics of Maryland, would replace Feigal, a spokesman…

      2 readers - David Jensen/ California Stem Cell Report
    • Protecting Lawyers Rather Than The Public

      … of the offense. Eighteen months does not, in this case, achieve that goal." I suppose one needs to become a lawyer to unlearn such common sense. Here, the attorney had failed to file a post-hearing brief and appear for oral argument before the board. No problem, in their eyes We have considered Respondent’s failure to consistently respond to Bar…

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