• “He Violated the Laws Up in the Heavens and Down”: Leading Washington Rabbi Charged As Peeping Tom In Ritual Mikva Baths

    “He Violated the Laws Up in the Heavens and Down”: Leading Washington Rabbi Charged As Peeping Tom In Ritual Mikva Baths 1, October 17, 2014 by jonathanturley The Washington Jewish community has been rocked by allegations against leading Rabbi Barry Freundel of the Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown.

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  • Sometimes, Video Doesn’t Matter

    The allegations against University of Maryland student John McKenna would likely have stuck, but for the fact that it was caught on video. It was infamous at the time, a happy college kid skipping down the sidewalk after beating Duke in basketball in 2010. Then beaten. It was bad enough that he was beaten. It was worse that they lied about why.

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    • Michael Phelps Faces Second Arrest for DUI

      Michael Phelps Faces Second Arrest for DUI Posted on Oct 2, 2014 4:39pm PDT On Tuesday, September 30th, Michael Phelps was arrested for DUI in Baltimore, MD. He was stopped by a Maryland Transportation Authority police officer in the early morning, after travelling at almost twice the 45 mile an hour speed limit and crossing double lines.
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    • New Maryland Criminal Laws In Effect

      Soon after the close of each year's legislative session the governor signs dozens of bills into law. The public typically hears about these new laws at the three main stages when the media can report a concrete story. First we read about a bill being introduced in the house or senate, which is usually in January.
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    • No Show Lawyer Gets Disbarred

      … A recent disciplinary decision from the Maryland Court of Appeals This attorney discipline matter concerns an attorney who accepted $2,500 from a client as a retainer for a divorce case, had no further communication with her client, performed no work on the matter, and apparently abandoned her Maryland law practice. The attorney, who did…

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    • Feds Announce Massive Baltimore Cocaine Bust

      …. The complex investigation, which took advantage of new technology to monitor cell phone conversations and conduct video surveillance, revealed that the group would transport large amounts of cocaine from a Baltimore City warehouse to Houston, Texas twice per month. The drugs were transported in cars with specially equipped storage compartments…

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    • Train Accidents in Maryland

      … or motorcycle or bus, a mechanical failure, dated tracks, or conductor negligence. Derailment sometimes results in derailment accidents, which can result in many injuries. One of the most common types of accidents is an accident at a railroad crossing. Over 80% of crossings in America do not have adequate warnings for cars and pedestrians…

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    • U.S. Supreme Court Hands Another Win to Gay Marriage Activists

      …, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The new decision means that before long, 30 of the 50 states in the United States will allow gay marriage. The states affected by the recent Supreme Court decision include Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alaska. Kansas and Oklahoma share a Circuit Court…

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    • Politics roundup

      … “Frederickstown” gaffe? [Free State Notes] “Dear Trial Lawyer Colleague, One of our own, Bruce Braley, is in the fight of his life” [Joel Gehrke, earlier] Tweet Tags: Maryland, Ohio, politics, Texas, West Virginia Politics roundup is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system …

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    • A Whole Lot of Process Going On

      …The most common question I get (after how much can I get in child support) is "How long does this take." The answer does not make people happy. Court processes are not quick things. The court wants to make sure everyone involved has adequate notice, then plenty of time to prepare the case. There is guarantee to a speedy trial in a family law case…

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    • Ebola Travel Ban: Legal Issues

      … the US Supreme Court upheld the power of individual states to impose quarantines even if the quarantine effected interstate commerce. If the US government fails to act then individual States, exercising their police powers, can effectively control or ban the travel of individuals who do not comply with State reporting laws requiring proof…

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    • Home Sweet Home

      … While I love Italy and Sicily, I did long to return to my hikes on my favorite trails in Maryland and Virginia. I did my usual dawn hike this morning on Billy Goat trail and it was glorious with the leaves changing and the crisp autumn wind. The only downside was that there is a group of Chinese hikers who also do the early Sunday hike…

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    • Do Nurses Who Catch Ebola Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

      … By now, many Americans waiting with baited breath to learn the latest news about the people infected with the Ebola virus here in the United States. Nina Pham is the first Dallas, Texas, nurses who contracted Ebola. According to the most recent reports, she is currently resting comfortably and in fair condition in Maryland at the National…

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