Lyft is a privately held, San Francisco–based transportation network company whose mobile-phone application facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing by enabling passengers who need a ride to request one from drivers who have a car. Unlike traditional taxis, Lyft drivers do not charge fares but instead receive "donations" from their passengers. Lyft's tagline is "your friend with a car." According to the company, Lyft generally costs about 30% less than the price of a similar-length cab ride. Lyft currently operates in 60 US cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C.
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  • Who is Responsible in an Uber Car Accident?

    … Popular ridesharing companies like Uber1 and Lyft have been taking the transportation industry by storm and giving taxicab companies a run for their money. Over the past several years, Uber has quickly surpassed cab companies in urban areas, such as Philadelphia, for safety, cleanliness, convenience, and affordability. When riders download…

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  • PA Law Catches-up with Ride-Hailing Services Like Uber and Lyft

    … On November 4, 2016, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) commended Governor Wolf and members of the General Assembly for crafting and approving legislation that provides for permanent statewide authority for ride-hailing services. “Today’s bill-signing by the Governor marks the end of a process that began nearly three years ago, when…

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  • What Happens If My Uber Is In An Accident?

    … Ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft have increased in popularity over the years. Uber, like its competitor, offers the public an alternative to hired transportation, while giving private car owners an opportunity to earn extra income with their personal vehicle. Although this innovative business model has been very advantageous to those who…

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  • Could Uber And Lyft Be Leaving Chicago?

    … The ride-sharing services of Uber and Lyft have made an enormous impact on the transportation sector. It has allowed travelers to access affordable rates and have given private car owners a way to earn money as a supplementary or full-time income. However, these companies have received some criticisms over the years as traditional taxi service…

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  • Radio 620 WTMJ

    … drivers, his client has a legitimate case. “When Uber started, drivers were making more money.” Mahany says there are a few factors to take into account with this case. “One, there’s an over saturation of drivers in many markets,” Mahany says. “And as Uber competes more heavily with other ride share services like Lyft, the amount of money paid to drivers is being reduced.” Mahany joined John Mercure on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News to talk about the lawsuit. The post Radio 620 WTMJ appeared first on Mahany Law. …

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  • Bloomberg BNA

    …Ride-Sharing Company Faces Nationwide FLSA Lawsuit by Michael J. Bologna and Lisa Nagele-Piazza | Link to original source (103K) Uber Technologies Inc., fresh off a $100 million settlement with drivers in California and Massachusetts, now faces a nationwide class action that claims the on-demand ride-sharing company illegally classified…

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    … on and on. As competition with Lyft and other ride share companies increases, drivers appear to be getting the short end of the stick. Some full time drivers no longer earn minimum wage, especially when vehicle expenses, insurance, license fees and down time are considered. If you have a story to share, wish to participate in our overtime and tip…

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  • Chicago Attempts to Regulate Uber

    … We’ve all either experienced or heard about a “crazy” taxi driver. Someone who speeds, weaves through traffic, and takes red lights and stop signs as a signal to slow down and glance around instead of come to a complete halt. When we hear about an accident involving a taxi, we’re hardly surprised. But for some reason, Uber and Lyft don’t have…

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  • RT News

    ….” In addition to the previous litigation in California and Massachusetts, Uber faces or has faced other state-specific lawsuits around the country claiming that it violated state labor laws. Cases in Florida and Illinois have yet to reach a conclusion, while cases in Georgia, New York and Texas were rejected by judges. The post RT News appeared first on Mahany Law. …

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  • Yellow Cab Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    … bankruptcy protection. While some may see this as a sign that the traditional cab is a thing of the past, new market competition is not the only reason for the filing. Marketwatch pointed out that Yellow Cab was found liable for $8 million due to a wreck that left a passenger partially paralyzed. Yellow Cab tried to argue that the driver…

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  • Recovering From Car Hijacking Injuries

    … drivers operating the following types of vehicles, but may include other types of commercial drivers as well: Mail delivery vans or trucks from companies such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL On-demand rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft, or Gett Taxis, black cars, or livery cabs Limousines School buses Cargo trucks Tractor-trailers…

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