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Long Island is an island in the U.S. state of New York. Stretching northeastwards from New York Harbor into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which (Brooklyn and Queens) are boroughs of New York City, and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk). In popular usage, "Long Island" often refers only to Nassau and Suffolk counties in order to differentiate them from New York City, although all four counties are situated on the island and are part of the New York metropolitan area.North of the island is Long Island Sound, across which are the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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    • The 90-Day Foreclosure Letter: Proving Service

      In a continuing effort to minimize homestead foreclosures in the Empire State, New York Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL) Section 13041 requires notice be sent to the mortgagor at least 90 days before a foreclosure action is commenced against the borrower. This provision applies no matter the type or balance of the loan and is equally applicable to lenders, assi ...

      Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 18 readers -
    • What Constitutes Good Faith Negotiations in a New York Foreclosure Case?

      As of December 15, 2009, New York promulgated a civil practice rule1 that requires the parties to a foreclosure action to participate in a mandatory settlement conference with the court within the first 60 days after service of process. The purpose of this conference is to determine whether the parties can reach an agreement to help the defendant avoid losing his or her home.

      Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 10 readers -
  • The Statute of Limitations Defense in New York Foreclosure Actions

    …) in order to promote your peace of mind and judicial efficiency, the lender should have taken action to protect its rights within the reasonable period of time as codified by the statute of limitations. Contact a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Today The statute of limitations is more than simply a “defense” to a foreclosure action in New York…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 14 readers -
  • The Statute of Limitations Defense in New York Foreclosure Actions

    … rights are some of the most highly protected rights in the American legal system, which is why New York State requires lenders to navigate a plethora of procedural barriers in foreclosure actions. Expiration of the New York Statute of Limitations Pursuant to New York law, a foreclosure action must be commended in supreme court in the county…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 15 readers -
  • Triggering the Statute of Limitations in a New York Foreclosure Action

    … and complaint in supreme court. Contact a Long Island Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney for Case Analysis There have been a string of recent newsworthy New York foreclosure cases involving violation of the six-year statute of limitations. As New York has one of the nation’s longest foreclosure processes and loans are often transferred between…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 9 readers -
  • Lapsing of the Statute of Limitations in New York Foreclosure Actions

    … will be modified during settlement negotiations. The acceleration becomes leverage for the lender during modification negotiations, but an experienced Long Island foreclosure attorney can advise you as to the benefits of either accepting or rejecting a modification offer depending on the nature of the statute of limitations. Contact an Experienced Long Island…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 10 readers -
  • Options to Keep Your Home in the Face of Foreclosure

    … a carefully designed debt-relief plan by your attorney. Do Not Delay in Calling a Long Island Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Today There are many ways that the Law Office of Ronald D. Weiss in New York can help you avoid foreclosure through alternative options and negotiation. If you have concerns about your mortgage, please call a foreclosure attorney…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 10 readers -
  • Rules Regarding 90-Day Notice in NY Foreclosures

    … to extend the period of time they have to qualify for other loss mitigation solutions in lieu of foreclosure. Find Out how a New York Foreclosure Defense Lawyer can Help You New York has seen some major changes in foreclosure laws in recent months, many of which benefit struggling homeowners. An experienced Long Island foreclosure defense attorney can…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 14 readers -
  • Options If Your Modification Application Was Denied

    … Options If Your Modification Application Was Denied Obtaining a modification of your mortgage loan’s interest rate, loan term, or principal balance can provide substantial relief for homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments. The application process can be complicated and can require many supporting documents. After you have…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 13 readers -
  • When Is the Right Time to Call a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

    … of financial difficulty take control of their situation through a variety of legal tools. If you are in Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, or the surrounding areas, please call our office at 631-479-2455 to schedule a free consultation today. 1 http://www.dfs.ny.gov/banking/hetpfneng.pdf 2 http://www.dfs.ny.gov/reportpub/fore_proc_report_052015.pdf …

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 28 readers -
  • The Standing Dead: Law Tackles the Plague of Zombie Properties in New York

    … as “zombie properties,” which have been abandoned during the foreclosure process by their owners and have been ignored by the banks seeking foreclosure. Not every zombie property involves a celebrity or a high-end neighborhood, as these homes lurk everywhere throughout the state. Another property in Monroe, NY is significantly more modest but was once…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 14 readers -
  • Overview of Foreclosure Bill of Rights for New York Homeowners

    … hearings, and any other proceedings These are only some examples of what is included in the consumer Bill of Rights and there are also rights during settlement conferences, after a loss mitigation or settlement agreement, and after a foreclosure judgment and sale. Consult with a Long Island Foreclosure Defense Attorney Today Having a skilled New…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 13 readers -
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