• Spokeo Speaks — Again

      In Robins v. Spokeo, Inc., a case that made its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court and back again, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit has allowed a case to go forward on the slenderest thread of alleged “harm,” despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s admonition that a concrete injury must alleged. Spokeo: Background Spokeo publishes online a “people search engine.

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  • B&I Partners Assist Microsoft In Ending Patent Case

    … Partners Stacy Stitham and Peter Brann, acting as local counsel, assisted Microsoft in obtaining a dismissal with prejudice of a patent lawsuit filed in the District of Maine. While the federal lawsuit was pending, Microsoft invalidated the patent in the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), which was then affirmed on appeal. The plaintiff sought…

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  • Brann & Isaacson attorneys selected for The Best Lawyers in America© 2018

    … Seven Brann & Isaacson attorneys have been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America© 2018: George S. Isaacson, Commercial Litigation; Litigation and Controversy—Tax; Martin I. Eisenstein, Litigation and Controversy–Tax; Tax Law; Martha E. Greene, Trusts and Estates; Peter D. Lowe, Employment Law—Management; Benjamin W…

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  • Brann & Isaacson A Leading Support Of Campaign For Justice

    … Brann & Isaacson is proud to be a strong supporter of the Campaign for Justice in Maine. Though not one of the larger Maine law firms, B&I punched above its weight, giving the sixth–highest, per–lawyer average award in the State. The Campaign for Justice assists adults and children in the state who cannot obtain access to justice…

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  • How to Read Your Judge's Mind in the PTAB

    … Attorney in the PTAB? Do you wish you could know ahead of time whether your judge was likely to institute your petition, grant your motion, or rule in your favor? Short of your reading your judge’s thoughts, the next best thing is Docket Alarm’s Analytics Platform for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Docket Alarm offers attorneys…

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  • Five Strategies for Conducting Better Docket Research

    … Context Instead of researching in a vacuum, use Docket Alarm’s analytics to add context to your legal research. Attorneys have the ability to analyze their search results and view related statistics in real time, allowing them to see the impact a docket has individually and at a global level. These statistics can provide insight into many…

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  • Apple v. Samsung is SCOTUS's First Design Patent Case in 122 Years

    … The Supreme Court announced Monday that it would agree to hear part of an appeal filed by Samsung seeking to overturn a $548 million damages award granted to Apple last year. Aside from finally closing the door on this five-year saga between Apple and Samsung, SCOTUS’s decision is newsworthy because it’s the first case before the Court…

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  • RFC Express May be Gone, but Look to Docket Alarm for a Replacement

    … and tracking services for the PTAB, all U.S. Federal Courts, Bankruptcy courts, the ITC, the TTAB, and even for Orange Book correspondence with the FDA. Users can run full text searches across all of this information in a single user-friendly search bar, and use intuitive filters to focus in on the documents they want. Predictive Analytics In addition…

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  • The Turning Tide Against Patent Owners

    …, with no interest in commercializing a product or advancing the state-of-the-art. Litigation initiated by patent trolls is expensive; just the threat can force a settlement. With the passage of the America Invents Act ("AIA"), a new tribunal called the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, or "PTAB", was created as an efficient and cost effective means…

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  • Orange Book Litigators: Finally Research Tools Just for You

    … Docket Alarm is pleased to announce the first legal research platform to provide Orange Book litigators a suite of tools for their practice. The features include the ability to track changes to the Orange Book and related litigation, search correspondence between drug companies and the FDA, and analytics on Orange Book cases in the Patent…

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  • Pinterest Loses Major Battle Against "Pinning" on the Internet

    … since October 2013. Pinterest alleged that Pintrips intentionally selected their business name based on the popularity of “Pinterest.” For more information on this decision, you can view the entire case on Docket Alarm here. Docket Alarm is a comprehensive legal research and analytics platform helping attorneys enhance their practice. Sign up today at to start receiving litigation updates in your inbox. …

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