Life Insurance

  • Ways to Reduce Your Estate Tax

    … family can pay less. 7. Qualified family-owned business interest If you own a family business, you may want to consider this technique. You can deduct a family-owned business interest from your total estate value. However, the IRS is very strict. For it to qualify for an exemption, your business needs to meet certain conditions. Here are some…

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  • Estate Planning Basics

    … on any assets they inherit. There are ways to minimize these taxes. For instance, life insurance and Roth retirement accounts are not taxable. You might also consider gifting some of your assets prior to passing, as you may gift less than $13,000 per year, per person without tax penalties. Rhode Island Estate Planning Are you looking for a Rhode…

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About The Estate Planning Process

    … If you ever find yourself caught up thinking about what happens to you and your things after you die, you should start your estate plan. Though these thoughts can cause fear, there are many ways to find comfort from these concerns. Estate planning is a good start. Most of us have a limit to our knowledge about the steps and the many options…

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  • Estate Planning Steps to Take Before, During, and After a Divorce

    … as guardians so that if you both die, there isn’t a legal battle between the two families over who gets guardianship of the kids. The importance of revisiting your beneficiary designations on life insurance and retirement accounts cannot be overstated. Your designations control where these benefits go– your divorce decree, will, trust, or any…

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  • Charitable Giving Tax Credit: Use It to Your Advantage

    …, a charitable giving tax credit remains a possibility if you donate to the right charity at the right time. The process is complicated, but the rewards are plentiful. Using the system to your advantage to receive a charitable giving tax credit places you ahead of most regarding taxes. While it may seem contradictory to give money to get money…

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  • 4 Common Legal Concerns Faced by Elder Law

    …. Reducing these taxes could save your family a lot of money. Make sure that if you’re married, you use both estate tax exemptions. Removing assets from your estate before you die is another way you can reduce the tax payment. You can also use life insurance to offset these costs. At the end of the day, you just want to make sure your family gets…

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  • The Jose Fernandez Estate: Questions, Uncertainty

    … was accompanied by two other individuals (Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero) at the time of the crash. At the time of his death, Fernandez was not married, but was survived by his mother (Maritza Gomez Fernandez) and his girlfriend (Maria Arias) who was carrying his unborn child. Fernandez was reportedly under the influence of cocaine and alcohol…

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  • Using a Predatory Lending Defense Against Foreclosure in NY

    … to refinance personal debts into a mortgage loan Loans that have high fees and costs Selling disability insurance or life insurance with a mortgage loan Not disclosing which brokers to which fees will be paid Allowing refinancing multiple times and charging high fees Not requiring all appropriate income documentation Charging excessive…

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 11 readers -
  • Surviving Spouse Rights in Florida

    … as a tenant in common. This is a very important election, because in Florida, owning a life estate can often be more costly to maintain than the benefit is worth, given the high cost of ownership of real estate in Florida as a result of property taxes, insurance, and homeowner association dues. By making the election a spouse can force the sale…

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  • Benistar Founder in Jail – Finally (419 Plans Post)

    … expensive, life insurance policies. Simply stated, promoters claimed they had found a loophole that allowed business owners and others with large profits to shelter those profits through life insurance. Although these arrangements sound good on paper, they are considered abusive tax shelters by the IRS. In the center of both types of tax schemes…

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  • Florida Slayer Statute in Federal Interpleader

    … that a murder conviction is not required, only that the court determine it "more likely than not" that the person wrongfully caused the death of the decedent. In Stephenson v. Prudential Insurance Company, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 123888 (MD Fla. 2016), the deceased, Mr. Rigby, owned a life insurance policy naming his domestic partner, Mr. McGriff…

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  • How Can I Avoid Probate?

    … a beneficiary to receive the assets at the time of your death. Common examples include life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and bank accounts. Trusts: Your lawyer can help you establish a trust to avoid probate. In these cases, the trust holds your assets and you set the terms of the trust, which control how and when your assets… 23 readers -
  • Car Accidents While on the Job

    …Hurt in an accident while on the clock? Our attorneys can help! If a person is injured in an automobile accident during the performance of his or her employment, it can evolve into a rather complex situation. The law works a bit differently with on-the-job injuries than it does when an accident occurs on your own time. Anytime you are injured…

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