• Tenant Required to Prove that It Terminated Lease

    … Earlier this week the Appeals Court decided that a tenant has the burden of proving that it properly exercised its option to terminate a written lease. The commercial lease in Patriot Power, LLC v. New Rounder, LLC, provided that it would renew automatically each year unless one of the parties timely notified the other that it wished to exercise…

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  • Five Tips for California Residential Tenants

    … Five Tips for California Residential Tenants Due to the terrific feedback and popularity of my post on tips for Minnesota tenants, I’ve decided to write a post for California renters since I also practice real estate law there. Although landlord/tenant law tends to be pretty similar, it’s rarely identical due to not only how the laws…

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  • Five Tips for Minnesota Residential Tenants

    … and conciliation court judges may try to avoid enforcing them without significant evidence of an oral agreement. If there’s an important term, such as a low rent payment, build-out authorization, etc., it’s better to get it in writing right away so there are fewer chances for disputes later. Give your landlord a forwarding address when the lease ends to get…

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