Kabul (Kābul) (/ˈkɑːbəl/, /ˈkɑːbuːl/; Pashto: کابل‎ Kābəl, IPA: [kɑˈbəl]; Persian: کابل‎ Kābol, IPA: [kɒːˈbol]), also spelled Cabool, Caubul, Kabol, or Cabul, is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is also the capital of Kabul Province, located in the eastern section of Afghanistan. According to a 2012 estimate, the population of the city was around 3,289,000, which includes Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras and smaller numbers of Afghans belonging to other ethnic groups. It is the 64th largest and the 5th fastest growing city in the world.
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    …. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and elsewhere. In 2013, a group of Aegis guards sued the company claiming they were forced to work 18 hour shifts. Guard Jason Boatright filed the lawsuit claiming that guards were contracted to work 12 hour shifts but often forced to work longer. While working long hours in combat operations is sometimes unavoidable…

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    … of a hotel and an adjacent apartment building, directly across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.” How serious were these “deficiencies”? Sopko says, “the $85 million in loans is gone, the buildings were never completed and are uninhabitable, and the U.S. Embassy is now forced to provide security for the site at additional cost to U.S. taxpayers…

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