Intellectual Property Law

  • Shooting on Location and Location Releases

    … was asked the straightforward but excellent question, “Why do we need to use location releases?” To some, it might seem like a simple exercise—after all, if the property owner is allowing us to shoot on location, why get it in writing? The answer, in general terms, is the same for any contract: to put the agreement in an easily-understandable format…

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  • “Dope!”, IP Rights, and the Beastie Boys

    … “Dope!”, IP Rights, and the Beastie Boys Earlier this year, the hip-hop group Beastie Boys won a jury verdict against Monster Energy Company for a staggering $1.7 million. On top of that, they managed to score a cool $668,000 in attorneys’ fees. So what lead to one of the most venerable groups in the ’80s rap game to take on an energy drink…

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  • How to Develop an IP Portfolio for Small Businesses

    … how do you do it? Intellectual property is generally broken down into four major categories: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Patent law protects novel inventions, systems, and processes for a term of years. Copyright law protects original works of authorship such as books, music, software, mobile apps, and websites, among…

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  • The Legal Side of Developing a New Product

    …, but there are also several legal considerations that must be dealt with before taking your product to market. Intellectual Property Rights Is the product a new and useful machine, process, or other composition of matter? Is it novel and not obvious to someone familiar with those types of products and the industry? If you answered yes to both of these…

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  • The Benefits of Copyright Registration for Small Businesses

    … intellectual property, since failing to do so could cost you your livelihood. Even though registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office isn’t required, it does provide you with several significant benefits. So how would copyright registration benefit you? (If you’re not somewhat familiar with what copyright law protects already, read my post…

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  • Internet Assets and Garnishment in Minnesota

    …, it’s definitely a good lesson for business owners to learn. If your business is even somewhat internet-based, the Court’s decision (although not unusual) should provide more incentive for paying creditors and settling claims. As it makes clear, business assets—even those based in cyberspace—can be attached and garnished by creditors. Furthermore…

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