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  • What Happens If the At Fault Driver Dies in an Accident?

    … injuries, he or she may die before the case is resolved. When such tragedy happens, how will the victims be able to claim damages for the expenses they incurred due to the accident? Filing an insurance claim If the defendant has an insurance policy, the victim can make a claim. The process is not clear cut on this scenario. If there is an insurance…

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  • Auto Accident While Test Driving a Car – St. Louis Injury Lawyer

    … as possible, and make sure you document everything right from the driver’s information to the vehicle damage. All this information will prove useful if your insurance company or that of the driver involved contests the claim, and it end up in a lawsuit. Should you speak with a car accident lawyer? If you have been injured in a test drive accident…

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  • Making a St. Louis Car Accident Insurance Claim

    … A copy of the police report may help you successfully settle your car accident insurance claim. Millions of car accidents occur in the United States every year. Most of these accidents result in severe injuries and property damage, establishing grounds for insurance claims. Car accident claims are made to seek compensation for property damage…

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  • Accident Damage Claims – Tips for Motorcyclists

    … was at fault, they frequently have to dispel these myths about motorcyclists to get a fair hearing or trial. If you or a loved one gets involved in a motorcycle accident, there are certain tips that you can follow which can help not only with your case, but also with your argument about the cause of accident and who is at fault. These tips…

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  • After a Car Accident, Will My Insurance Rate Increase?

    … The mere action of filing an insurance claim does not always increase your insurance rate; there are various factors taken into consideration. A history of car accidents can affect your insurance rate. If you have been involved in a car accident, contact your insurance provider and provide all the details of the accident. Many drivers…

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