Major trauma is injury that can potentially lead to serious outcomes. For research purposes the definition is often based on an injury severity score (ISS) of greater than 15.There are many causes of injury that can affect a person in different ways, both anatomically and physiologically. Depending on the severity of injury, quick management and transport to an appropriate facility may be necessary to prevent loss of life or limb. Various classification scales exist for use with trauma to determine the severity of injuries, which is used to determine the resources used and for statistical collection.
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  • St. Louis Attorney Discusses Reducing Automobile Wreck Impact

    …Even if a crash in unavoidable, you may be able to reduce your risk of suffering severe car accident injuries. Car accidents often take victims by surprise. Generally, they do not know it is coming until they have only a few seconds to react. What you do in these few seconds can determine your safety, and the extent of the injuries you suffer…

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  • Nursing home abuse can be hard to spot

    … and physical condition of elder adults often acts as an excuse for nursing home personal to deflect blame away or to identify an alternative source of the injurie since it is easy to blame bruises, broken bones, or behavior changes on natural conditions when a patient has a blood condition that makes them susceptible to bruising, frail bones that easily…

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