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  • How a Fractured Bone Can Damage Your Life

    … and livelihood in significant ways. An experienced personal injury attorney, however, can help you recover the just compensation to which you are entitled. Fractured Bone The word fractured, as it relates to your bones, just sounds terrible—and it is. Fracturing a bone is an intensely painful experience that can send your body into shock. A variety…

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  • When Is It Time to Call a Personal Injury Law Firm?

    … a Personal Injury Attorney If you’ve incurred a significant injury in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer. Without professional guidance, you’ll have difficulty calculating what your final damages will amount to and will have little leverage when it comes to advocating for just compensation…

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  • Riding With Uber

    … way you would in any car accident. Hiring a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is always important, but it is even more necessary when the accident involves one of the popular rideshare services because their legal policies are still new and can be difficult to understand. For example, Uber states that it provides $1,000,000 per accident…

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  • Snow, Ice…Slip and Fall Liability

    … is present anytime temperatures are around or below freezing. You’ve heard of “slip and fall”, but do you know what it means? Who can be held responsible in the event of an injury? Falls on commercial or residential property can be extremely dangerous and can cause lasting damage to victims. Slip and fall injuries fall under the general category…

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  • Indiana Driving – Properly Securing Your Child

    …-facing until one-year of age and 20 lbs. The retainer clip that connects the two shoulder harness straps must be kept at the child’s armpit level. Harness straps must be kept snug. The bottom line: adhere to the law and follow the guidelines from the state, because they are common sense and straight forward. Following these rules ensures that your child is as safe and secure as possible in the event of an accident. This minimizes injury and promotes the safe-keeping of you and your family. …

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  • Indianapolis Personal Injury – Merry Fountain

    … Injured? You are looking for a personal injury lawyer in the Indy area to help you discover your options and learn your rights. Call Merry Fountain today for a free consultation. You pay no fee until Merry wins your case! The post Indianapolis Personal Injury – Merry Fountain appeared first on Fountain Injury Law - Merry Fountain. …

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