Independent Contractors

An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for an employer but works as and when required, during which time he or she may be subject to law of agency. Independent contractors are usually paid on a freelance basis. Contractors often work through a limited company or franchise, which they themselves own, or may work through an umbrella company.
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  • Were You Misclassified as an Independent Contractor and Denied Unemployment?

    … Independent contractors are rarely eligible for unemployment benefits after their job terminates because employers do not pay unemployment taxes for contractors the way they do for employees. Thus, unless the contractor pays unemployment taxes, the contractor receives no benefits. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous employers attempt to misclassify… 21 readers -
  • Why Cash Isn’t King: Lessons for Small Businesses

    … By Samantha Stepney. It can be difficult for employers in certain industries to attract talent at a reasonable wage. Because of this, as an enticement, employers often agree to pay all, or part, of employee wages in cash “under the table” so that employees do not have to pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 16 readers -

    …, to perform and complete the Construction Contract; § 5.2 Undertake to perform and complete the Construction Contract itself, through its agents or independent contractors; § 5.3 Obtain bids or negotiated proposals from qualified contractors acceptable to the Owner for a contract for performance and completion of the Construction Contract …; or § 5.4…

    Florida Construction Legal Updates- 15 readers -
  • Who is Responsible in an Uber Car Accident?

    … its drivers to undergo thorough background checks and carry their own motor vehicle insurance, Uber drivers are not employees of Uber. Rather, they are independent contractors. The difference between an employee and an independent contractor largely rests with the amount of control the company has over the worker, whether the worker sets his or her…

    Gabriel Levin/ 20 readers -
  • Draining the Swamp – Big Biz and Lobbyists (Whistleblower Post)

    … drivers in these states are classified by law as independent contractors. We don’t necessarily agree those laws are enforceable but Uber has certainly has a track record of trying to stack the deck in its favor. The average consumer or worker, however, cannot afford lobbyists. Today the New York Post reported that Uber spent $752,974 on lobbyists…

    Due Diligence- 12 readers -
  • Employer Forum Recap: Recruitment and Hiring

    … contract”. A dependent contractor is economically dependent on one employer, works exclusively for one employer, and may be entitled to reasonable notice upon termination of the working relationship. Read Trevor’s blog post on a recent court decision out of Ontario here to learn more. Constructive Dismissal. Constructive dismissal occurs when…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 28 readers -
  • Erin Kizell to present at Startup Week Vancouver 2016

    … Top 4 Employment Law Issues for Start-ups September 28, 2016 at 2 pm The Profile, 1295 Johnson St, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada Erin Kizell will be speaking on the following topics: 1. Employees vs. independent contractors 2. Best practices for employment contracts 3. Overtime 4. Dismissing employees and how to calculate…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 13 readers -
  • What Happens If My Uber Is In An Accident?

    … Ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft have increased in popularity over the years. Uber, like its competitor, offers the public an alternative to hired transportation, while giving private car owners an opportunity to earn extra income with their personal vehicle. Although this innovative business model has been very advantageous to those who…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 27 readers -
  • Uber Drivers Claim They Are Not Independent Contractors… in the UK

    … Our lawsuits against Uber have generated national press. Just about every major media outlet in the United States has covered the battle between corporate goliath Uber (market capitalization $62 billion) and its drivers. Many of those drivers struggle to earn even minimum wage. Now that battle seems to be going global. A British law firm has…

    Due Diligence- 13 readers -
  • When can a Construction Worker Sue after a Workplace Accident?

    … to recover for the losses they have sustained in an on the job accident. Generally, these situations arise when the injury was caused by the negligence of someone with whom the worker does not have an employer-employee relationship with. These include the following: When an Accident is Caused by the Negligence of an Independent Contractor – Many…

    Gabriel Levin/ 16 readers -
  • Journal Sentinel

    … classify” Uber drivers as employees, not the independent contractors Uber says they are, a dispute in at least two dozen other lawsuits around the nation, and central to other companies’ economic model in “the gig economy.” Currently, the Milwaukee suit claims, many Uber drivers struggle to “bring home a livable wage,” or make even minimum wage…

    Due Diligence- 32 readers -
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