"Immunity from prosecution" redirects here. For a prosecutor's immunity against liability for official acts, see Qualified immunity. For other forms of legal immunity see Immunity (disambiguation)#Law.Witness immunity from prosecution occurs when a prosecutor grants immunity to a witness in exchange for testimony or production of other evidence. It is immunity because the prosecutor essentially agrees to never prosecute the crime that the witness might have committed in exchange for said evidence.In the United States, the prosecution may grant immunity in one of two forms.
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    … the exclusive form of liability for an injured worker thereby immunizing an employer (absent an intentional tort, which is very hard to prove as a means to circumvent workers compensation immunity). If a general contractor, with workers compensation insurance, hires a subcontractor without workers compensation insurance, the general contractor’s…

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  • The Texas Tort Claims Act

    … to sue the government if you were injured by a government employee, or injured while working for the state. Luckily, this changed with the establishment of the Texas Tort Claims Act of 1969. Previously, when individuals tried to bring a lawsuit against the a government employee or entity, the state would claim “sovereign immunity.” The Texas Tort…

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  • Prison Sentence Cut in Largest DBE Fraud in US History

    … “owner” who simply lends his or her name to the scheme. (If this sounds like you, call us. We can often approach the Justice Department in advance of filing to assure immunity from any prosecution. Coming forward is always better than getting caught later.) Need more information? Contact attorney Brian Mahany at *protected email* or by telephone…

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  • Remington Rifle Class Action: Example of Successful U.S. Tort System

    … pulling the trigger. Not exactly what you want from a firearm. There have been deaths and injuries tied to this defect as far back as the late 1960’s. The lawsuits filed against Remington over the past decades have been, for the most part, protected by strict privacy rulings that kept all Remington in-house documents from the public. As U. S…

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  • Brokerage Firms and Elder Abuse Prevention

    … in and provide guidance to both stockbrokers and the compliance departments of brokerage firms. That hasn’t stopped the North American Securities Administrators Association from stepping forward. The NASAA represents the 50 states and Canadian provincial securities agencies. A proposal from the NASAA would offer brokers qualified immunity when reporting…

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  • The 411 on National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry

    …, base, or park.” And if that wasn’t enough to sell you on H.R. 986, it also provides for (1) immunity from prosecution “unless there is probable cause to believe that the person is doing so in a manner not provided for by this section”; (2) the individual’s right to attorney fees, where he/she is prosecuted unsuccessfully; (3) a civil cause…

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  • Who Can Be Held Liable for Accidents Caused By Road Defects?

    … and are the responsibility of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT). As a result, the DOT is often the party against whom one would assert a claim in the event of an accident caused by a road defect. Under a legal doctrine known as “sovereign immunity,” the government is immune from lawsuits except to the extent to which it has consented…

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  • Would You Give Your Money To A Convicted Felon?

    … because your bank isn’t named, don’t relax just yet. Earlier this spring UBS was granted immunity and agreed to cooperate. UBS, however, was already the subject of an earlier nonprosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice. They are still stuck paying a huge fine. Bank of America escaped a criminal conviction but paid a $205 million fine…

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