• Alan Dershowitz on Israel and Hamas

    Noted Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has a new book out, “Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel’s Just War Against Hamas,” a collection of essays that forcefully defend Israel’s actions against Hamas, both from before the most recent fighting (Part I) and since (Part II). The book also includes a long debate (about 15 percent of the book) between Dershowitz and John Dugar ...

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  • September Law School Blog: Tuition Comes Due -- Panic

    The end of September is when Urbane’s tuition comes due. I had let the bill sit on my desk for weeks. For fall semester alone I owed $18,144, which included tuition, student health insurance, and the student recreation center fee. I would graduate owing more than $75,000. In my debt, I was not alone, Seventy-five percent of my class, those who had to borrow to finance their ed ...

    • Makeup as the Killer App for 3D Printing?

      A woman named Grace Choi seems to have come up with a way to 3D print “lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, nail polish, brow powder—pretty much everything except foundations and face power” at home. Her company, Mink, uses FDA approved inks (vegetable or edible). The goal is that a consumer could take a picture or using an online image of the makeup, the software would ma ...
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    • Top 10 in Law Blogs: Alibaba IPO, Bison Treaty, Future of Journalism

      Facebook, Twitter and other IPOs got a lot of attention, but what they did on day one didn’t even come close to what Alibaba did. For more on what that massive IPO means for American companies, check what Robert White has to say. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 190. Does Our Breath Deserve 4th Amendment Protection? – Minneapolis lawyer Jud Nichols of Ramsay Law Fi ...
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    • Harvard law professors: stand up to feds on campus-sex courts

      This is big: As members of the faculty of Harvard Law School, we write to voice our strong objections to the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures imposed by the central university administration… Amid the clamor to provide fuller remedies to complainants who file sexual assault and harassment charges, the university is preparing to trample the interests of others: Harvard has adopted pr.
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    • Unraveling Legal Research

      In 2012, struck by how little the legal research tools had changed in the past decade, two Stanford law students launched a website that would have the potential to cut research time by up to two thirds. Daniel Lewis and Nik Reed, graduates of Stanford Law, launched Ravel Law as a way to combat the stagnant legal research giants, Westlaw and LexisNexis.
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    The latest about Harvard

    • RBG revises opinion after professor flags error

      …” on two pages of her opinion, and that the corrected version could be read on the Court’s website. Nothing groundbreaking, but noteworthy nonetheless. Meanwhile, kudos to Professor Hasen (and his tipsters) for helping to get the official record straight. → Re correcting the official record, see: Adam Liptak, “Final Word on U.S. Law Isn’t: Supreme…

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      • Ginsburg edits her voting rights dissent

        Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has issued a new version of her dissent, released early Saturday morning in a Texas voting rights case, to fix an error about one kind of ID card that voters can use to qualify to vote. The revised dissenting opinion, in full, can be read here. As the majority of the Court allowed Texas to continue enforcing a strict new law requi ...

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    • The Best Law Schools For Making Money (2014-2015)

      … 10 graduate schools for salary potential, as ranked by PayScale: MethodologyAnnual pay for alumni with a graduate degree (MBA, Master’s, PhD or JD), grouped by their highest degree level (indicated by school name). Typical early career graduates have 0 to 5 years of experience; mid-career graduates have 10 years or more. See full methodology. As you…

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    • SCOTUSblog on camera: Laurence H. Tribe (Part one)

      … From birth in Shanghai, China during World War Two to a summa in math at Harvard to a long and distinguished career in legal academe and Supreme Court advocacy. “People ask, ‘Why did you pick constitutional law?’ I mean, come on. Who, with a real opportunity to dig into a subject of law would not want that to be constitutional law? It has…

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    • Law Schools Rankings

      … Wall Street Journal, Harvard Law Graduates Top Salary Survey: At $201,000 a year, Harvard Law School alumni earn more than those of any other U.S. graduate school by the midpoint in their careers. ... The data come courtesy of the online salary-information company PayScale, which has asked 1.4 million people what they earn in return…

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    • Social Mobility College Rankings

      … to act, endowment primarily serves a “tie-breaking” role in the SMI as explained below. The relative sensitivity of the variables in the 2014 SMI are as follows: VariableSensitivity Tuition 126 Economic Background 125 Graduation Rate 66 Early Career Salary 65 Endowment 30 Here are the Top 10 and the bottom 10 coleges in the social mobility rankings: Princeton, Harvard and Yale, which are 1, 2, and 3 in the U.S. News college rankings, are 360, 438, and 440 in the social mobility rankings. (Hat Tip: Maureen Weston.) …

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    • Makeup as the Killer App for 3D Printing?

      … of the makeup, the software would match the color and print out just enough makeup for that application. If the prototype holds up, this product could be one to bring 3D printers into many homes. But is it the killer app for all of 3D printing? Put differently, a fair question that comes up when I talk about 3D printing is will it really be a device…

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    • September Law School Blog: Tuition Comes Due -- Panic

      … a private law school is roughly ten times as high as it was thirty years ago when Scott Turow paid $3,000 a year to attend Harvard. Starting salaries for all but a few have struggled to keep pace. The fact that one professor teaches up to 140 students at a time is supposed to make law school reasonably accessible, but today tuition is more likely…

    • Unraveling Legal Research

      … engine they can afford. Lawyers were limited to the basic search engines of Westlaw and LexisNexis, and if the particular case or secondary source did not fall within their payment plan, they could not find it. Ravel Law is upending both the requirement to pay, with its free membership, and how the search engine works in the first place. –Torrey Samson …

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    • From Harvard, With Love

      … College, but law professors (sorry, guys) are among the most cowardly group in existence, tenure notwithstanding. They’ve known of this problem, yet chosen to remain silent lest they be tarred misogynists and rape-apologists. Oh, the agony of bad names they knew with certainty would be hurled with abandon. Hide behind rocks or be smeared. Eugene…

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    • Harvard Law Professors Condemn New Sex Policy

      … October 18, 2014 Website Sued Over Teen Sex "Slaves" Good article by the Boston Herald concerning efforts being made to stop the controversial website... October 16, 2014 Convicted Mass. Sex Offender in Trouble in Conn. A 23-year-old Hartford CT man was sentenced to 22 years in prison and eight... October 15, 2014 Harvard Law Professors…

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    • Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011, Harvard Research Shows

      … Via Mother Jones – By Amy P. Cohen, Deborah Azrael, and Matthew Miller “Editor’s note: The authors are scholars from the Harvard School of Public Health and Northeastern University; this article details their independent research, which is based on the mass shootings data Mother Jones has collected and published since 2012. In June, following…

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