Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose history, influence and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.Established in 1636 by the Massachusetts legislature and soon thereafter named for John Harvard (its first benefactor), Harvard is the United States' oldest institution of higher learning, and the Harvard Corporation (formally, the President and Fellows of Harvard College) is its first chartered corporation. Although never formally affiliated with any denomination, the early College primarily trained Congregation­alist and Unitarian clergy.
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  • The Little People

    … Ed. note: This post is by Will Meyerhofer, a former Sullivan & Cromwell attorney turned psychotherapist. He holds degrees from Harvard, NYU Law, and The Hunter College School of Social Work, and he blogs at The People’s Therapist. His new book, Bad Therapist: A Romance, is available on Amazon, as are his previous books, Way Worse Than Being…

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  • Law School Rankings by Alumni Members of Congress

    … some of the country's most prominent. ... But there are plenty of surprises outside the top five. The Top 13 feeder law schools for members of Congress are: 1. Harvard: 18 (7 Senators, 11 Representatives) 2. Georgetown: 13 (5/8) 3. Texas: 7 (0/7) 4. Virginia: 6 (3/3), Yale (4/2) 6. Boston College: 5 (1/4) 7. Alabama: 4 (2/2), Cumberland (0/4), Indiana-Indianapolis (1/3), Kentucky (1/3), Notre Dame (1/3), NYU (1/3), South Carolina (1/3) …

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  • Tom & Jerry Go to Court

    … collapsed and struck her) Johnson v. Outdoor Installations, LLC, 979 N.Y.S.2d 523 (N.Y. App. Div. 2014) (police officer ran into a pole during the lawful pursuit of a fleeing suspect) Reed v. Western Union Telegraph Co., 141 P. 161 (Or. 1914) (a pail of paint fell from the top of a telegraph pole and struck the plaintiff) Shaggy, as Guardian…

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  • Methodological Pluralism in Legal Scholarship

    … to methodological pluralism. I’m also doing book talks at Harvard’s Berkman Center, and Yale’s Information Society Project. I imagine the Harvard talk may satisfy Judge Edwards: I plan to have a conversation with a global director of compliance at a major firm, who read my book and said it was useful and interesting to him. The Yale talk will focus on what…

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  • Stat Of The Week: Throwback Elitism Edition

    … Today we published our Top Litigation Firms By Law School Pedigree rankings. If you think the legal profession has a prestige obsession these days, you won’t believe how things were back in the “Mad Men” era… Between 1950 and 1965, 73 percent of lawyers hired in large New York City law firms attended Harvard, Yale or Columbia. (By 2002, this proportion dropped to about 15%.) Source: Study by professors Richard Sander of UCLA School of Law and Jane Yakowitz Bambauer at University of Arizona Law. …

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  • Luttmer & Singhal: Tax Morale

    … Erzo F. P. Luttmer (Dartmouth) & Monica Singhal (Harvard), Tax Morale, 28 J. Econ. Perspectives 149 (Fall 2014): There is an apparent disconnect between much of the academic literature on tax compliance and the administration of tax policy. In the benchmark economic model, the key policy parameters affecting tax evasion are the tax rate…

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  • Remembering the first black Cabinet member

    … for Weaver, who was then 59 years old, with diminished opposition from southern Democrats. Five years earlier, President John F. Kennedy failed in a similar move. Weaver was born on December 29, 1907 in segregated Washington, D.C. His grandfather was Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman, the first black to graduate from Harvard with a dentistry degree…

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  • Tuesday round-up

    …, Jeremy P. Jacobs covers the second argument yesterday: Oneok, Inc. v. Learjet, in which the Court is considering “whether the Natural Gas Act pre-empts local antitrust lawsuits filed against natural gas producers for price manipulation.” And at ISCOTUSnow, Edward Lee predicts the winners in both of yesterday’s oral arguments based on the number…

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  • 10 fascinating facts about Richard Nixon

    … four presidential elections and lost as a vice presidential candidate in 1920. 2. Nixon had a chance to attend Harvard but had to decline. As a student, Richard Nixon was third in his class and was offered a tuition grant to Harvard, but he was needed at home by his family. 3. He was also an outstanding law student. After graduating from Whittier…

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