Haiti /ˈheɪti/ (French: Haïti [a.iti]; Haitian Creole Ayiti [ajiti]), officially the Republic of Haiti (République d'Haïti; Repiblik Ayiti), is a Caribbean country. It occupies the western, smaller portion of the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antillean archipelago, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Ayiti ("land of high mountains") was the indigenous Taíno name for the island. In French, the country is called "La Perle des Antilles" (The Pearl of the Antilles), because of its natural beauty. The country's highest point is Pic la Selle, at 2,680 metres (8,793 ft).
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  • Renewing TPS for Haiti

    … Recently, the USCIS announced that in order for Haitian TPS-holders to maintain their TPS status, they must re-register. As a Miami immigration lawyer, this reminder is key. If you are a Haitian TPS holder, please pay attention to the deadlines below: TPS Extended Through: July 22, 2017 Re-registration Period for People Who Already Have TPS…

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  • Foreign Aid Fraud and The American Red Cross

    … inquiries are protected by the attorney – client privilege and kept strictly confidential. For more information, contact attorney Brian Mahany at brian@brianmahany.com or by telephone at (414) 704-6731 (direct). MahanyLaw – America’s Whistleblower Lawyers Find me on Google +! This entry was posted on July 22, 2015, 3:19 pm and is filed under Fraud Recovery. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed. …

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  • Haitians Fear Mass Deportations from Dominican Republic

    … their Dominican Republic citizenship. More importantly – these people cannot turn to Haiti for a new home. This is because a foreign-born person of Haitian descent is eligible for Haitian citizenship only if one parent is a natural-born Haitian citizen. Dominican President Danilo Medina has said there will be no mass deportations. But undocumented…

    Michael G. Murray/ Miami Immigration Lawyer- 17 readers -
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