The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the head of the executive branch of Pennsylvania's state government and serves as the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, and the power to approve or veto bills passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature. and to convene the legislature. The governor may grant pardons except in cases of impeachment, but only when recommended by the Board of Pardons.There have been seven presidents and 46 governors of Pennsylvania, with two governors serving non-consecutive terms, totaling 55 terms in both offices.
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  • The $85 Million Medicaid Deficit will NOT be Fixed by a Lottery

    … As most Alabamians know, on Friday, the Alabama Senate passed Governor Bentley’s lottery bill. It is now up to the House to decide if the people of Alabama will be able to vote upon Governor Bentley’s lottery. A vote for Governor Bentley’s proposed lottery will require that the anti-gambling clause of the Alabama Constitution be repealed…

    Mary Pool/ Bond and Botes- 21 readers -
  • Rare Bipartisanship Could Lead to Financial Relief for Puerto Rico

    … and Congress and will be able to audit the Puerto Rican government’s financial statements. The Governor of Puerto Rico would serve as an ex officio member of the board and would have no voting rights. This will provide transparency and organization to the process. The board will also enforce budgets and make reforms if the government fails to do so…

    Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 26 readers -
  • At Long Last Legislation Addresses Ibanez Issue

    … The Massachusetts Legislature and Governor Baker have taken a much needed step to limit further problems resulting from the Ibanez decision and its progeny. Those cases made clear that a foreclosure by a party that did not yet hold an assignment of the mortgage failed to convey good title. As a result, many third party buyers who had purchased…

    Gordon Orloff/ Massachusetts Land Use Monitor- 27 readers -
  • Obama Clean Power Plan Impacts on Pennsylvania

    … On August 3, 2015, President Obama announced his Clean Power Plan. So what does it mean for Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has expressed support for the President’s Clean Power Plan, “Pennsylvania is a leader in energy, and we need to do everything in our power to advance the next generation of energy production while protecting…

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 13 readers -
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