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  • The Results Are In: Patent Quality Can Improve

    … The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released two reports on the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) recently, including one on patent quality and clarity. As to such report, the GAO recommends that the PTO: Develop a consistent definition of patent quality, and clearly articulate this definition in agency documents and other guidance…

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  • Raytheon Faces Billion Dollar Whistleblower Lawsuit

    … was appealed. Yesterday a 3 judge appeals panel overturned the trial court’s order dismissing the case. That means Mateski’s case can go forward. The Court of Appeals ruled that even though a Government Accountability Office audit outlined many of the problems, Mateski provided evidence and details not known to the government. Chief Judge Michelle…

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  • IRS Whistleblower Program – Success or Flop?

    … handed out $435 million in awards under the False Claims Act, a different whistleblower award program.) The bad news is the program appears badly managed according to the Government Accountability Office report. Inadequate tracking, poor communication and excessive delays in getting awards out. The problems are magnified because of IRS…

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  • Trinity Industries Continues to Maintain its ET-Plus Guardrails Are Safe

    … told ABC News in March. He went on to refer to the relationship between FHWA and Trinity Industries, as “all too cozy.” In March, six U.S. Senators urged the Government Accountability Office to investigate FHWA following what they called “troubling developments regarding the FHWA’s evaluation of defective ET-Plus guardrail and end terminals…

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  • Power Morcellators: Another Cancer Victim Sues Over Use In Her Surgery

    … hysterectomy, the congressional contingent wrote in Friday’s letter. “This device can take a Stage 1 treatable cancer immediately to a Stage 4 terminal cancer. For too many women, this routine procedure ended with a death sentence.” (, 8-10-15) The lawmakers also want the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to “determine whether…

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  • Don’t Miss the Next FBAR Deadline

    … Don’t Miss the Next FBAR Deadline By Veronica Pamoukaghlian, Senior Technical Writer Today, not reporting foreign bank accounts to the IRS can lead to unthinkable penalties. If you who have kept an overseas account at a non-US bank without disclosing this information to the IRS, a mere $10,000 account might lead to penalties of hundreds…

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