Germany (/ˈdʒɜrməni/; German: Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, pronounced [ˈbʊndəsʁepuˌbliːk ˈdɔʏtʃlant] ), is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states and its capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 square kilometres (137,847 sq mi) and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With 80.6 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state in the European Union. Germany is the major economic and political power of the European continent and a historic leader in many cultural, theoretical and technical fields.
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  • American Press not Trump’s Pravda

    … or not, and then the electorate has the ability to weigh those things and decide on their own. We usually opine to have a higher authority to determine what is true, would create censorship for those who had different opinions. In essence, why our democracy works is that all forms of political speech are allowed to be spoken and let the consumer (The American Public…

    Dan Aaronson/ Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo, P.A.- 9 readers -
  • Airbag Injuries Resulting From Automobile Accidents

    … filed for patents in 1951, Hetrick in the U.S. and Linderer in Germany. It took more than another decade before car manufacturers improved upon the initial prototypes, which needed to inflate incredibly quickly. The car makers also understood that secondary injuries from airbags were possible and worked to mitigate this harm. By the 1970s…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 25 readers -
  • NJ Doc Pays $5.25 Million to Settle Qui Tam Complaint

    … performed by unqualified staff included electrostimulation of a patient’s vagina. The procedure can be painful and even dangerous if performed incorrectly yet no one on his staff was licensed to do these procedures. It appears that Riachi became so greedy that he billed for 270 patient visits in 2008 even though he was on vacation in Germany…

    Due Diligence- 38 readers -
  • Law360

    … commissioned by the city’s Regional Transit Authority and partially federally funded, King alleged that Novum used materials from China and Germany under its $515,000 contract. King alleged that Novum used materials from those countries for another $110,900 contract at an Illinois federal courthouse. King alleged that she was repeatedly told to lie…

    Due Diligence- 31 readers -
  • “I Serve” – And Then There Was Applause

    … During a visit in United States you can learn a lot. Country and people are different then Germany and Germans. This must not be wrong, but we can learn from each other. A comedian on stage asks the audience after from where and where. So the comedian gets his keywords for the show. One man answers, that he is just in the Navy. The comedian…

    R24 Kooperation/ 15 readers -
  • FATCA Leaves No Land Untouched

    …. The majority of them were agreed upon last year. The IGAs signed in 2014 include large markets like Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. 2013 was also a significant year, as it saw the signature of the agreement with former fiscal paradises like Switzerland and Cayman Islands, and giants like Japan, France, and Germany. In short, the spread of FATCA has…

    Due Diligence- 41 readers -
  • Many checks

    …). Do they award part-time jobs? Or are the checkers employees of several firms? Check them all in one go? TV stations, GEMA, GEZ? Maybe so municipalities can also save more staff. Let the inspectors control nor the park sinners. Is there a statistic how many inspectors there are in the various fields in Germany? …

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  • Wirehouse Advisors' Tactical Play on Currency ETFs

    …” program that will inject a planned €1.1 trillion into the economy by September 2016. The program is expected to decrease the value of the Euro — a boost to companies in Germany, France and Italy that export goods and services. In order to take advantage of the market opportunity, currency-hedged ETFs are a tool to deliver the returns of a basket…

    Eccleston Law Offices- 10 readers -
  • Reich Citizenship: If they don’t have enough work

    … I think many people have heard of the “Reich citizens”. They do not recognize the Federal Republic. They are just citizens of the Reich. Why? This is due to various theories of international law to the demise or continued existence of the German Empire after 1945. And just here courts may also fantasize about this theme. So this court states…

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  • Texas Doc Gets Long Prison Term for Medicare Fraud

    … Cozby Germany Hospital in Grand Saline, Renaissance Terrell Hospital in Terrell, Central Texas Hospital in Cameron, Community General Hospital in Dilley, and Lake Whitney Medical Center in Whitney. A fifth hospital tied to Mahmood, Shelby Regional Medical Center in Shelby, does not appear to be involved. Jurors found Mahmood guilty of several Medicare…

    Due Diligence- 20 readers -
  • Asylum for Homeschoolers?

    … of persecution based on one or more of five grounds: Race Religion Nationality Membership in a particular social group (Most LGBT individuals who apply for asylum qualify under this category) Political opinion Of particular interest to Miami immigration lawyers like me is the fact that this bill would grant asylum to up to 500 families a year who…

    Michael G. Murray/ Miami Immigration Lawyer- 10 readers -
  • Tax on xenophobia?

    … A comment at Stern-Online creates this idea, here. You think: yes, has it something? Or there are also other thoughts: Okay, I pay my taxes, so I may as well have something against foreigners. Studies about the PEGIDA participants showed one thing: not the have-nots demonstrated. There were well-heeled citizens at the demnostrations. And what…

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  • Retirement at 60?

    …. Retirement at 60 should be possible without 45 years of contributions. Well, not for the rank and file. This provision shall apply only to the Saxon Parliament in Germany. After 2 election periods a member can already get pension with 60. That is the role model, why the Pegida and Co. get their supporters . For while it is discussed to stop…

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  • When It Rains, It Pours… HSBC Drowning in Troubles

    … shared information that it had received from a whistleblower. In recent years we have seen Germany, the United States and France share information with one another. Germany has even been known to purchase stolen account information. While some folks continue decry FATCA and the need to report offshore assets, the world is moving at warp speed…

    Due Diligence- 19 readers -
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