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  • Decline of Traditional Retail

    … By Geoff Mason. The holiday season brings many things to mind. Wrapping presents while sipping a glass of rum and eggnog. Playing hockey with friends on a frozen pond. And, of course, being packed into a frenetic supermall like a sardine. For those who never found the traditional Christmas shopping experience very appealing, respite may…

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  • Implied Terms in Employment Contracts: Part 2 (Employers)

    …, that it is NOT possible to contract out of the provisions of the BC Employment Standards Act that entitle an employee to certain amounts on dismissal as compensation for length of service. (For a review of the basics on notice and severance, read my colleague Samantha Stepney’s post here.) Obligation to Treat Employees with “Decency, Civility, Respect…

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  • Implied Terms in Employment Contracts: Part 1

    … By Geoff Mason. Employment contracts come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in terms of detail, style and substance. There’s one thing they all have in common, however. Every employment agreement is FULL of implied terms. An “implied term” is best understood when compared with an “express term”, which is a contractual term that two parties…

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  • Japanese Vending Machines: The High Cost of Low-Skilled Labour

    … effects on these workers. Indeed, this appears to already be happening in North America, as evidenced by McDonald’s recent roll-out of automated kiosks throughout the United States in response to the prospect of minimum wage hikes. Japanese vending machines and McDonald’s kiosks are graphic reminders of the value of sustainable employment. As we…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 4): Stat Holidays and Vacation

    … Photo by Crew Marketing By Geoff Mason. Earlier this month, we continued my 5-part blog series on summer employment with a post describing the special employment rules that apply to certain summer-centric industries. In today’s post (Part 4), I review the rules that apply to statutory holiday pay and vacation entitlements. Of the 10…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 2): Young Employees

    …. The same is true for employment law – younger workers are entitled to the same legal rights and protections as are their seniors. However, to reflect the special vulnerability of youth, BC’s Employment Standards Act (the ESA) places certain additional responsibilities on employers with young employees on the payroll. Here’s a quick primer to get…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 1): Fixed-Term Contracts

    … Contributor, Geoff Mason. School’s (almost) out for summer, and BC business owners are gearing up to hire students for the season. As such, we thought it timely to offer some tips on seasonal employment to employers and employees both, with a special emphasis on creating sustainable workplace relationships. Over the next few weeks, we…

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  • Kelowna Launch 2017: Recap

    … By Geoff Mason and Wendy Woloshyn. There’s no question we love a good party. Which is why we were delighted to have a reason to play host to the Okanagan community last month at the official opening of our Kelowna office. A diverse and dynamic group representing a variety of industries, our guests made our job easy as they welcomed us…

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