Galveston /ˈɡælvɨstən/ is a coastal city located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island in the U.S. state of Texas. The community of 208.3 square miles (539 km2), with its population of 47,762 people (2012 Census estimate), is the county seat and second-largest municipality of Galveston County. It is located within Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area.Named after Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid, Count of Gálvez (born in Málaga, Spain), Galveston's first European settlements on the island were constructed around 1816 by French pirate Louis-Michel Aury to help the fledgling Republic of Mexico fight Spain.
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  • Texting and Driving: What Does Texas’s New Law Mean for Drivers?

    …, Floresville, Galveston, Grand Prairie, Harlingen, Hereford, Hurst, Jacksonville, Kyle, Lake Dallas, Lakeway, Liberty Hill, Lockheart, Maypearl, Meadowlakes, Midlothian, Missouri City, Mount Vernon, Nacogdoches, Overton, Pampa, Penitas, Port Aransas, Rowlett, San Benito, San Marcos, Seagoville, Selma, Sinton, Socorro, Sunnyvale, Sweetwater, Universal City…

    The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 21 readers -
  • Fighting a Breathalyzer Test in Texas

    … It is common practice in Texas DWI cases for a police officer to request a suspected drunk driver take a Breathalyzer test. A Breathalyzer is a device used to measure a person’s blood-alcohol content (BAC). Texas, like most states, considers a person guilty of a DWI if his or her BAC exceeds .08 percent. Is […] The post Fighting a Breathalyzer Test in Texas appeared first on The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates. …

    Tad Nelson & Associates- 11 readers -
  • The Basics: When Can an Officer Search your Vehicle and House?

    … Many of us have been pulled over by a police officer due to a minor traffic violation, such as speeding or a busted taillight. Does such a stop then give the officer to search your car? Could you face serious criminal charges if the officer finds something potentially incriminating? The law in this area can […] The post The Basics: When Can…

    Tad Nelson & Associates- 11 readers -
  • Driver’s License Interstate Compact and DWIs

    … If you live in Texas and are arrested in Texas on DWI charges, you probably already know that a conviction can result in the loss of your driver’s license. In fact, your license may be suspended up to two years after a first DWI conviction. But what if you are a Texas resident charged or […] The post Driver’s License Interstate Compact and DWIs…

    Tad Nelson & Associates- 10 readers -
  • The Sobriety Checkpoint Debate in Texas

    … to a 1994 decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Arlington, Texas, police department conducted a DUI checkpoint in May 1991 pursuant to guidelines approved by local officials. A woman detained and arrested at this checkpoint later argued this violated her Fourth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution to be free from…

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  • Texas Cities Which Ban Texting and Driving

    …, Alice, Amarillo, Aransas Pass, Argyle, Arlington, Austin, Bedford, Bellaire, Brownsville, Canyon, Conroe, Converse, Corpus Christi, Deer Park, Denton, Edinburg, El Paso, Farmers Branch, Galveston, Grand Prairie, Harlingen, Helotes, Jacksonville, Laguna Vista, Laredo, Little Elm, Magnolia, Maypearl, McAllen, Meadowlakes, Midland, Mission, Missouri…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 40 readers -
  • Underage Drinking and Driving in Galveston

    … content (BAC) of .08 or greater faces enhanced charges and penalties under Texas law. Essentially, a driver in this category will face the full penalties for a DUI charge as an adult, which are considerably more severe than the penalties for a minor DUI offense. Get the Help that You Need From Your Galveston DWI Lawyer The penalties that a teen faces…

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 13 readers -
  • MADD Lobbies for Ignition Interlock Company

    … at (713) 802-1631 to schedule a consultation. The interlock device, unfortunately is just the beginning of the punishment MADD has in store for you as they work hand in hand with District Attorney Offices all over The State of Texas! Especially Galveston and Houston! …

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 72 readers -
  • No Refusal DWI Enforcement During Mardi Gras

    … The Galveston County Criminal District Attorney’s Office announced that its office will be working with law enforcement in Galveston County in sponsoring a “no-refusal” operation during the weekends of Mardi Gras. In Texas, anyone driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 grams per deciliter or higher is considered legally impaired under…

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  • DWI & Potential License Suspension

    … that affected drivers seek professional legal representation to make sure they have met all those requirements prior to filing. License Reinstatement after Refusal Suspension In some cases, suspension is inevitable after a Galveston DWI. After an affected driver’s license has been suspended, there are certain steps that must be taken in order to get…

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 30 readers -
  • Factors Effecting “Expert Witness” Reliability; DWI Cases

    … of one’s hat. Retro-grade extrapolation is the nomenclature assigned to the hocus-pocus scientific process normally sold to Galveston and Harris County jurors by the expert witnesses of the prosecution. It basically means that the prosecution, with the assistance of their very own expert witness, will attempt to use their chemical evidence…

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 27 readers -
  • Where DWI Laws are Heading in the Next Five Years

    …, all 50 states have varying degrees of ignition interlock requirements after a DWI conviction. There has also been a huge push to make interlock devices required as a condition of bond, even if it is only a first charge. It goes without saying that most Judges in the Houston/Galveston area routinely make the interlock device mandatory on all citizens…

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 34 readers -
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