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    • Looking for PG&E Whistleblowers – Napa Wildfires

      The Story Behind the 2017 Napa Wildfires – PG&E Whistleblowers Post I spent last weekend in Napa Valley. From Santa Rosa to Calistoga, the only talk is of the fires. Tourism will return, the wine still flows but for thousands of Californians, their lives were permanently altered by the fires. What can we learn from these deadly fires? How do we prevent them from happening ag ...

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    • Teaching Physicians and Medicare Fraud

      New Whistleblower Award Opportunities for Information about Teaching Physicians Engaged in Healthcare Fraud Can you imagine being 82 years old, a highly respected physician at university teaching hospital and facing a decade in prison? That is the predicament Dr. Kenneth Rall finds himself in today after pleading guilty felony Medicare fraud.

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    • Paul Manafort, Law Firm Appleby Hack and New Whistleblower Opportunities

      In May of 2016, the then little known International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released millions of records that were in the possession of a Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The documents were allegedly leaked in 2015 to the ICIJ and later published. The release of papers sparked dozens of tax evasion and corruption investigations across the country.

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  • Nukes, Russian Bribery and Whistleblower Awards

    … Daren Condrey and Boris Rubizhevsky for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Allegedly also involved in that case is a Russian national, Vadim Mikerin. The feds say that Mikerin is the director of Tenam, a U.S. company that is a subsidiary of JSC Techsnabexport (“Tenex”). That company is in turn part of the Russian government owned atomic energy…

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  • Another Reason Why Public Corruption is so Dangerous – FCPA Post

    …, there is usually an opportunity to collect a False Claims Act whistleblower award. Even if no taxpayer money is involved, whistleblower awards may be available if public officials were bribed or offered payoffs. False Claims Act Awards The Civil War era False Claims Act offers awards to people with inside information about fraud involving government…

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  • Cigarette Tax Evasion and Whistleblower Awards

    … Common methods of cigarette tax evasion include: Sale of unstamped cigarettes or untaxed tobacco products. Intentionally importing or smuggling tobacco products from outside the state without payment of the appropriate state and local taxes. Sale of cigarettes with counterfeit or missing tax stamps. Possessing, owning, storing or selling…

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  • Updates on Our PG&E Napa Fire Investigation

    … The fires that consumed thousands of acres in Napa and Sonoma Counties are finally extinguished. Forty-two people were left dead. Over one thousand people are homeless. Who is to blame for these tragedies? Our initial thoughts are Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Early investigations suggest that PG&E company failed to properly trim…

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  • In the News – NY Home Healthcare Fraud, Louisiana Medicaid Fraud

    …Heart to Heart Home Care (Home Healthcare Fraud) The whistleblower lawyers at MahanyLaw are presently investigating a home healthcare business called Heart to Heart Home Care. Located in New York City, the company claims to offer in home care to patients in the New York City and northern New Jersey area. Their website site says they offer a wide…

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  • Visiting Nurse Service of New York Accused of Poor Patient Care, Fraud

    … in two different vice president positions. In his position as head of Operations Improvement, Lacey was in charge of “development and implementation of strategies to ensure operational best practices and the delivery of standardized and cost effective services throughout the company.” In his position, Lacey observed widespread fraud. He claims three…

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  • Armet Armored Defrauded Army, Delivered Unsafe Armored Vehicles

    …Defense Contractor Fraud and Armet Armored As I write this post, 450,000 American men and women are deployed around the world. 850,000 warriors are here at home ready to serve. And these figures don’t include the many guardsmen and reservists also ready to serve on a moment’s notice. We owe our freedom to these folks. That means when we heard…

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  • Two Bros in Jail over Buy America / Defense Contractor Fraud Scheme

    … Two Pennsylvania men are headed to prison after pleading guilty to federal fraud charges. Prosecutors say that brothers Thomas and John Buckner defrauded the military. The men own a company called Ibis Tek LLC, a maker of armor for combat vehicles. Prosecutors say that the brothers were behind a scheme to install cheap Chinese made windows frames…

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  • Looking for CENLAR Insider (Mortgage Servicer Whistleblower Post)

    … a potentially devastating impact on the homeowners that lose their homes, on the neighborhoods that experience a growing accumulation of vacant and abandoned housing and on the nation’s economic recovery, which is largely dependent upon the stability of the housing market. For nonlawyers and bankers, loss mitigation refers to a panoply of regulations…

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  • Corrupt Court Officials in New Orleans?

    … We have posted many fraud stories about New Orleans. The “city that care forgot” might be better labeled the “city that forgot to care.” Corruption is rampant in the city. New Orleans Medicare fraud rates are some of the highest in the nation. Now it appears that even city officials are involved. Make that court officials. This post doesn’t have…

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  • Whistleblower Retaliation in Numbers

    … not suffer retaliation, said they would surely report misconduct if they became aware of it in the future. In a historical sample review of whistleblower lawsuits spanning 15 years, a Fraud magazine journalist identified 380 cases of whistleblowers who had filed retaliation claims. His conclusion: Most whistleblowers are fired. 74…

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