Forceps (plural forcipes) are a handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects. Forceps are used when fingers are too large to grasp small objects or when many objects need to be held at one time while the hands are used to perform a task. The term 'forceps' is used almost exclusively within the medical field. Outside medicine, people usually refer to forceps as tweezers, tongs, pliers, clips or clamps. 'Forceps' can be used as both the singular and plural form of the word. (Example: "I need a forceps.") Also, it is not referred to as a "pair" as one refers to a "pair of scissors". Etymologically, the word derives from the Latin forca, meaning a snare or trap.
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  • Clavicle Fracture Birth Injuries

    …Did your newborn suffer a broken clavicle due to malpractice? A clavicle (collarbone) fracture is one of the most-common types of birth injuries. If a doctor or nurse’s negligence led to such an injury, your family may be owed compensation. Broken Collarbone Birth Injuries While a broken collarbone is not always the direct result of negligence…

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    … and monitor vitals during labor. The use of forceps and vacuum pumps to forcefully birth the baby. The use of Pitocin to induce strong reactions. Mishandling of the placenta, leading to massive bleeding. Lack of experience or plain negligence on the delivery doctor’s part. Failure to treat prenatal complications or infections in a timely manner…

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    …) delivery techniques Delivery using forceps Breech births Doctors, obstetricians, nurses, and other medical professionals are trained to look for potential pregnancy complications (including the position of the child in the uterus), and have a legal obligation to mitigate potential birth injuries when warning signs are spotted. If they fail…

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    … attempt failed. After the baby was delivered, medical personnel discovered she suffered from intracranial ischemic injuries. The lawsuit further claims the doctor used Pitocin during the mother’s labor even though the baby had an abnormal fetal heart rate. After the baby was transferred to a children’s hospital in Houston, radiology studies revealed she…

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  • Birth Injuries Caused by Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

    … to be completely dilated and ready to deliver. While the injuries can vary based on the use of the vacuum extractor, some of the injuries that can occur include the following: Hemorrhages of the retina Skull fractures Brachial plexus injuries Cerebral palsy Hemorrhages in the brain Some of these conditions (especially if untreated) can…

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    …Has your child suffered serious injury due to the use of forceps during delivery? Call our Dallas birth injury attorneys today at 1-877-405-4313. The use of tools to assist in childbirth has become quite common with “difficult” deliveries. Even though they can be beneficial when used appropriately, a staggering percentage of birth injuries…

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    …, including fractures of the clavicle (collarbone), and femur. As many as 50-60% of full-term newborns (and 80% of premature newborns) suffer from jaundice or hyperbilirubinemia, which is one of the most common causes of a newborn’s readmission to the hospital. While jaundice is often managed with mild treatment, some babies with elevated bilirubin…

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  • Infant Wrongful Death Lawyer

    … or sedation during the labor process (in an attempt to lessen pain or induce contractions) can affect the baby’s young biological systems, overwhelming them and potentially leading to brain damage or even death. Oxygen deprivation – Asphyxiation during delivery can lead to hypoxia, a term which means loss of oxygen to vital body organs…

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