Fuero, Fur, Foro or Foru is a Spanish legal term and concept. The word comes from Latin forum, an open space used as market, tribunal and meeting place. The same Latin root is the origin of the French terms for and foire, and the Portuguese terms foro and foral; all of these words have related, but somewhat different, meanings. The Spanish term fuero has a wide range of meanings, depending upon its context. It has meant a compilation of laws, especially a local or regional one; a set of laws specific to an identified class or estate (for example fuero militar, comparable to a military code of justice or fuero eclesiástico, specific to the Church).
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  • Another Houston Baker Street Pub Sued

    … Who is Liable, the seller or the drinker? Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub is being sued again following the death of Robert Wilhite’s 2011 death. Wilhite’s family is accusing the pub of over-serving alcoholic beverages to him just before he died near the Willowbrook bar’s location. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) governs seller/server…

    Dane Johnsonat/ Houston DWI Law Blogin Texas -
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