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  • Non-Sequiturs: 04.24.14

    …* 5 reasons why Northwestern football won’t really unionize. [The Legal Blitz] * Law grad who failed the bar arrested for claiming to be a lawyer. So much for Jimmy Malone’s advice… [Albany Times Union] * This morning we wrote about a lawyer turned babysitter. Jane Genova has some thoughts on how this story can have a happy ending. [Law and More…

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  • Morning Docket: 04.24.14

    …* The $160K-Plus Club welcomes its newest member: Duval & Stachenfeld, a real estate firm in NY, is more than doubling its starting salary for associates to $175K. Look for them recruiting at your “tier one” school soon. [New York Law Journal] * In this economy, bankruptcy firms are being hit hard: Stutman Treister & Glatt, a top L.A. firm…

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  • Morning Docket: 04.23.14

    …* Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Human Season! $275,000 lawsuit filed after duck attack. [KATU] * Following Moody’s downgrade of Vermont Law School, three other law schools see their credit join the ranks of junk bonds. [Tax Prof Blog] * Lobbying firms are making money again. Well, except for down-on-their- luck merger candidate Patton…

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