• Five Arrested, Two Wanted in Organized South Florida PIP Fraud Scheme

    Attorneys, chiropractors and clinic employees in Martin, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties were swept up this morning in the culmination of a year-long undercover investigation led by the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud. Two Boca Raton attorneys are among the five individuals arrested today: • Brian Greenspoon (attorney), Boca Raton • ...

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  • Vote Against Marijuana Taxes in Washington

    The proposed vote measure is so silly and so meaningless that until this week it had received virtually no media play. But on one level it matters. On Washington State voting ballots this year, there is an advisory vote — Advisory Vote No. 8 to be exact — on whether Washington State cannabis businesses should receive tax breaks to which they are technically required.

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    • 2014 Daytona Beach Biketoberfest Recap

      The 2014 Biketoberfest was held in Daytona Beach, Florida from October 16-19. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts cruised the roads of eastern Florida, and enjoyed music, food and lots of entertainment. Estimates place the total number at 500,000, but more conservative estimates drop that number all the way to 250,000.
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    • Snorkeling Accident Near Haulover Inlet

      Just last week, on October 17, a snorkeler was involved in a tragic accident when a speed boat struck him at the Haulover Inlet. According to Officer Jorge Pino of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, the victim, who has not been identified, suffered "critical" injuries from being run over by a go fast boat.
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      Another bicyclist has been fatally injured in a Sarasota traffic accident. The accident occurred on Sunday, October 12, 2014 near Prudence Drive and 17th Street in Sarasota, Florida. The accident occurred after an intersection accident between two vehicles. One of the drivers lost control of her vehicle and drove onto a sidewalk colliding with the cyclist who was then pinned against a building.
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    • “Fraud on the Court” in Florida Personal Injury Claims

      … evidence, on its own, was insufficient as evidence that the plaintiff had perpetrated fraud on the court. While it could affect the plaintiff’s credibility in the eyes of the jury, the discrepancy was not enough to dismiss the case entirely. Under Florida law, the basic standard for “fraud on the court” entails conduct where it can be “demonstrated…

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    • Scope of Insurance Claims – Hubner v. Old Republic Insurance Co.

      … negligence, you have rights under Florida law. It is best to act as quickly as possible after the accident. We proudly represent clients throughout South Florida. Contact us online or call us today at 1-877-499-HURT (4878) for a free, confidential consultation. More Blog Posts: Florida Supreme Court Holds Law Firm Liable for Injuries when Client’s Chair…

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    • Strange Bedfellows

      … marijuana in Florida. In fact he's funding some of the most promising medical marijuana research being done. What Adelson wants in return for his help defeating medical marijuana is to expand his gambling empire here to Florida. His support for the No On 2 campaign is a just crass way of greasing the palms of Florida's Republican establishment…

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    • Famous Estates – Legacy Champ or Chump?

      …. Together they raised $1.5 million and built Sea World. Shedd did not stop at building Sea World in San Diego or at building other Sea World parks in Ohio, Texas, and Florida. Shedd’s lasting legacy to marine science and education is the nonprofit research foundation he created in 1963, originally called the Mission Bay Research Institute and in 1977…

    • Florida Real Estate Investors Need an Attorney

      … they leave often will need to have repairs done. Renters get evicted. Renters break the law. Investment property has to have a manager that is familiar with these tactics and that will care for the property while you’re in Chicago or Japan or Brazil. In short, invest wisely and carefully and if you’re not sure, hire an attorney to walk you through the many legal issues that you will encounter. …

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