• Vote Against Marijuana Taxes in Washington

    The proposed vote measure is so silly and so meaningless that until this week it had received virtually no media play. But on one level it matters. On Washington State voting ballots this year, there is an advisory vote — Advisory Vote No. 8 to be exact — on whether Washington State cannabis businesses should receive tax breaks to which they are technically required.

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  • 2014 Daytona Beach Biketoberfest Recap

    The 2014 Biketoberfest was held in Daytona Beach, Florida from October 16-19. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts cruised the roads of eastern Florida, and enjoyed music, food and lots of entertainment. Estimates place the total number at 500,000, but more conservative estimates drop that number all the way to 250,000.

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    • Director of Bar Preparation Position at FIU

      Job Description: BRIEF SUMMARY: Reporting to the Assistant Dean for Academic Support and collaborating with other faculty and staff, the Director of Bar Support assists students and graduates as they prepare for the bar exam, both as they progress through the College of Law and after they graduate.
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      Another bicyclist has been fatally injured in a Sarasota traffic accident. The accident occurred on Sunday, October 12, 2014 near Prudence Drive and 17th Street in Sarasota, Florida. The accident occurred after an intersection accident between two vehicles. One of the drivers lost control of her vehicle and drove onto a sidewalk colliding with the cyclist who was then pinned against a building.
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    • They Said it on Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XXXV

      … legalization despite flaws in the relevant initiatives and amendments on the table in Alaska, Oregon, Florida and Washington D.C.: prohibition simply does not work. The only groups that benefit from the illegality of marijuana are criminal organizations and those police forces that want to beef up their arrest records. Why should criminal cartels get…

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    • "Too Big to Jail": Wall Street Accountability Promises Fall Flat

      … In May, Attorney General Eric Holder insisted that no bank - or bank executive - was too large or too powerful to be prosecuted if they engaged in criminal activity. No individual or company, he said, no matter how profitable, would be able to skirt the law. However, the announcement of Holder's resignation brings to light the fact that to date…

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    • Crab Legs Recalled Due to Listeria

      … number 0104845 with a sell by date before 10/16/14; The list of frozen recalled products are packaged in plastic bags, sold frozen, includes: 5 pound bags of Ocean’s Catch All Natural Frozen Jonah Crab Leg Meat: lot number 0104842 with a sell by date before 4/16/16; The products are distributed in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois and California to retail stores including but not limited to: Shaw’s Supermarkets, Legal Sea Foods, and Harbor Fish Market. …

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    • 13-Year-Old Jacksonville Boy Charged as Adult in Murder

      …, there are some cases where a minor will be charged as an adult. The main factor in deciding how the juvenile will be tried all boils down to the type of crime that has been committed. In recent years, there has been increased regularity of minors in Florida and across the country being tried and punished as adults due to the types of crimes…

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    • Modifying Non-modifiable Alimony

      … Marital settlement agreements frequently contain provisions regarding alimony. Great care must be taken in drafting alimony agreements as the number of payments, amount of the payment, and conditions regarding when alimony will end must all be clear and unambiguous. Florida Statute 61.08, the Florida alimony statute, contains express provisions…

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    • The Real Dangers of Driving in South Florida

      … Whether you drive in Hollywood, Miami, or another South Florida city, you face certain hazards that motorists in other parts of the country simply don’t have to contend with. Recognizing and dealing with these specific dangers can help you avoid collisions in your community: 1) Tourists. Due to Florida’s mild winters, many tourists start arriving…

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    • Crab Legs Recalled Over Listeria

      …, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois and California to retail stores including but not limited to: Shaw’s Supermarkets, Legal Sea Foods, and Harbor Fish Market. Listeria: Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm, is the nation’s leading law firm representing victims of Listeria outbreaks. The Listeria lawyers of Marler Clark have represented thousands…

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    • What is Maintenance and Cure?

      … nobody should ever tolerate allowing an employer to try shorting them of any benefits. Those entitled to maintenance and cure go beyond just cruise ship workers. Those working on fishing boats, tour boats, casino ships, transport vessels, and commercial ships, among others, are covered under maritime law as well. Whether you are an employee…

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    • How the Police Are Able to Take Millions of Dollars From People Who Are Not Charged With Crimes

      … (4) September 2009 (4) August 2009 (5) July 2009 (5) June 2009 (5) May 2009 (7) April 2009 (5) March 2009 (3) February 2009 (4) January 2009 (3) December 2008 (3) November 2008 (5) October 2008 (4) September 2008 (6) August 2008 (5) July 2008 (4) June 2008 (4) May 2008 (6) April 2008 (5) March 2008 (7) February 2008 (7) January 2008 (13) December 2007 (8) November 2007 (2) October 2007 (11) September 2007 (1) July 2007 (1) February 2007 (1) Blogroll Federal Criminal Lawyer FAQ Florida Criminal Records FAQ Blog Categories…

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    • Weekly Legal Education Roundup

      … Albany Business Review, What Lies Ahead for Albany Law's Acting Dean? David Barnhizer (Cleveland State), Legal Interpretation as Involving the ‘Original and Natural’ Idea of Knowledge Hannah Brenner (Michigan State), Expanding the Pathways to Gender Equality in the Legal Profession Bridget Crawford (Pace), Are VAPs and Other Job Candidates…

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