• City Drops Controversial Saggy Pants Ordinance

    City Drops Controversial Saggy Pants Ordinance 1, September 20, 2014 by Darren Smith Submitted by Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor After a backlash from the general public and lack of support, the Florida city of Ocala repealed its ban against wearing saggy pants on public property.

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  • Death Penalty Thrives in Culture of the South

    Writing in a September 8, 2014 Op-Ed piece for The New York Times, Emory University assistant history professor Daniel LaChance reasoned that the best way for death penalty abolitionists to rid the nation of the death penalty is to cast it as just “another failed Government program.

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  • The latest about Florida

    • Florida’s Bail and Pre-Trail Release Process

      …In Florida, most criminal defendants or those accused of a crime have a right to bail or pre-trial release as matter of law. See Florida General Statute 893. Those accused of crimes in Florida that do not have a right to bail or pre-trial release are those individuals facing crimes punishable by death or life imprisonment or those defendants…

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    • Pedestrian Accident Liability in Texas

      …Walking the roads in Texas may help preserve the environment and burn a few calories, but it certainly doesn’t come without danger. A factbook published by the Governors Highway Safety Association claims that in 2009 alone there were over 300 pedestrian accidents within the state, placing Texas at third in the nation, only below Florida…

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    • Victim Lawyers Seek Lien On Ponzi Victim Distributions To Satisfy Contingency Fees

      … million in total claims that supposedly signed a contingency fee contract with the Law Firm. Perhaps surprisingly, this is not the first time this situation has arisen in the context of a Ponzi scheme distribution. In August 2013, a victim of Scott Rothstein's $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme sought to reject charging liens filed by two Florida law firms…

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    • Transgender Lawsuits Filed Against Two Companies

      …Transgender Lawsuits Filed Against Two Companies The EEOC has filed its first Title VII lawsuits on behalf of transgender workers. The lawsuits, filed against Florida and Michigan companies, accuse the businesses of discriminating against workers based on their gender identity. The federal complaints demonstrate the latest efforts by the U.S…

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    • EEOC Trying to Change the “Status” for Transgendered Employees

      …Home > In the News > EEOC Trying to Change the “Status” for Transgendered Employees On September 25, 2014, the EEOC filed lawsuits in Florida and Michigan accusing employers of discriminating against transgendered employees. These are the first two cases ever filed seeking to protect transgender workers under Title VII. In the Florida Case…

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    • Major Repairs to Your Florida Condo: Who Pays?

      …Posted By Larry Tolchinsky on September 30, 2014 Here in Florida, a very popular form of residential real estate ownership is the condominium. Floridians as well as investors, retirees, and part-time residents (”Snowbirds”) find lots of advantages to buying a condo here. There are lots of condos to choose from in South Florida, especially. Condo…

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    • It Is Virtually Impossile To Sue Your Employer For Injuries In Florida

      …, unless he can prove that the employer committed an intentional tort. That is a burden that quite simply cannot be met, and has not been met under the current statutory definitions of an intentional tort. The gauntlet is set forth in Florida Statute 440.11, and states in pertinent part: 440. 11 Exclusiveness of liability.— (1) The liability…

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    • Cert Petition in Seminole Tribe of Florida v. State of Florida Dept. of Revenue

      ….” Papasan v. Allain, 478 U.S. 265, 278 (1986). In this case, however, the Eleventh Circuit concluded otherwise. It departed from this Court’s precedent, and “create[d] a circuit split,” Pet. App. 24a (Jordan, J., concurring in part and dissenting in part), when it held that Ex parte Young does not permit the Seminole Tribe of Florida to seek…

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