Fetal Distress

In medicine (obstetrics), the term fetal distress refers to the presence of signs in a pregnant woman—before or during childbirth—that suggest that the fetus may not be well. Because of its lack of precision, the term is eschewed in modern American obstetrics.
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  • Dallas Premature Birth Injury Lawyer

    … at the start of your treatment. There must a breach of this relationship by way of a negligent act (e.g., failing to identify or treat and infection, failing to monitor fetal distress signals, failing to perform a timely c-section, etc), resulting in your baby sustaining an injury due to the negligent act. The medical professional’s treatment or care…

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  • Fetal Bradycardia Birth Injuries

    …Did your child suffer brain damage due to fetal bradycardia? Our Texas birth injury attorneys are happy to look into the facts of your case free of charge and explain the options available to you and your family moving forward. Call us today at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. Fetal Bradycardia (Slow Heart Rate) Labor is a complicated…

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  • Prenatal Medical Malpractice

    … Prenatal Medical Malpractice When a woman becomes pregnant, she needs to take care of herself more than she did prior to pregnancy. A woman will usually seek the help of an OB/GYN that specializes in prenatal care. High-quality prenatal care is vital to ensure that the unborn child is born without any complications or medical conditions…

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  • Nuchal Cord Birth Injury Lawyer

    … cord can become tangled around the child’s neck and pose a serious risk of brain damage or fetal death. This is referred to as a “nuchal cord.” A nuchal cord can and should be detected via ultrasound during the mother’s prenatal checkups. While most instances of a nuchal cord do not result in the need for emergency surgery or cesarean section…

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  • Uterine Rupture & Birth Injuries

    … as the baby’s home during the 9-month period that it takes to develop into a human being. This is an oxygen-rich environment that’s full of nutrients, the baby’s own waste, and amniotic fluid. This environment must maintain homeostasis at all times in order for the baby to be kept alive and healthy. Uterine rupture can be defined as any condition…

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  • Warning Signs of Infant Brain Damage at Birth

    … signals during labor, and with proper medical care, the likelihood of brain hypoxia is very low. If a doctor, nurse or medical professional fails to properly monitor the infant’s heart rate or fails to perform a necessary cesarean section in a reasonable amount of time, they should be held accountable for their negligent actions. Why should your…

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  • Dallas Pitocin® Birth Injury Lawyers

    … the baby and mother may suffer baby brain damage brought on by hemorrhages, strokes, and/or hypoxia. Embolism caused by amniotic fluid – As the contractions caused by Pitocin continue to get stronger, it’s possible for amniotic fluid to leak into the mother’s bloodstream, causing blood clots throughout her body. When these clots travel to vital…

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  • Failure to Communicate Change in Condition

    … and about to have her first child. There had been no problems with the pregnancy, and her labor began just a week before her due date. However, after she had been at the hospital for two hours, she was forced to undergo a c-section due to fetal distress. The OBGYN delivered the baby, and there were no obvious adverse effects to the mother. Still…

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  • Midwife Malpractice

    … that the midwife (who was with the patient) was a student, and did not believe it was his responsibility to supervise her. Even after the obstetrician became aware that circumstances warranted immediate delivery of the baby, it was another hour before he obtained patient consent for a Cesarean section and didn’t notify the anesthesiologist…

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