Federal Firearms Relief

  • Individuals Can Obtain Federal Firearms Relief for Non-Violent Misdemeanor Offenses!

    … was unconstitutional under a Second Amendment as-applied challenge. The Third Circuit’s decision, although not addressing mental health commitments, further supports the Middle District’s analysis and conclusion. We at Firearms Industry Consulting Group, a division of Prince Law Offices, P.C., are here to help you restore your Second Amendment Rights. If you want to discuss your past prohibiting offense and whether to file a federal challenge, contact us today! …

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  • URGENT: Omnibus Bill Strips 2nd Amendment Provisions

    … Are many of our viewers are aware, we have been following the pro-Second Amendment Appropriations Bill that passed by the House of Representatives back in June, known as H.R. 2578. It included two key provisions: Amendment 302 provided “that such funds appropriated for BATF shall be available to investigate or act upon applications for relief…

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