• Roberts v. DHS – A pro se challenge to the Global Entry Program

    … Below is a 2011 DC federal case wherein a plaintiff unsuccessfully tried to challenge his Global Entry membership denial. It provides a good overview of the legal frameworks potentially available for challenge, and their limits. It also is a good indicator of the large amount of discretion given to DHS/CBP in administration of the Global Entry…

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  • When Does My Drug Crime Become a Federal Case?

    … or county court. However, if certain conditions are met, Martin could be tried on federal charges. Federal Drug Charges The federal government most often investigates and prosecutes drug crimes which are large in scale or which are related to organized crime. While the federal government has the power and authority to investigate and prosecute…

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  • What Is a Federal Crime?

    … from Dallas to Houston may be prosecuted at the state level but driving that same car from Houston to Mexico or Arkansas can be handled by the DEA at the federal level. Penalties for Federal Crimes The penalties for federal crimes can vary just as much as the penalties for crimes at the state level. However, because federal crimes typically involve…

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