Fatal Car Crash

  • Ruptured Spleen – Potentially Fatal Car Accident Injury

    … Internal injuries suffered in a car accident can quickly turn into a life threatening condition if they are not treated in a timely manner. One such injury that needs urgent medical treatment is a ruptured spleen. St. Louis car wreck lawyer talks about this injury in detail. Location and purpose of the spleen The main function of the spleen…

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  • St. Louis Attorney Discusses Reducing Automobile Wreck Impact

    …Even if a crash in unavoidable, you may be able to reduce your risk of suffering severe car accident injuries. Car accidents often take victims by surprise. Generally, they do not know it is coming until they have only a few seconds to react. What you do in these few seconds can determine your safety, and the extent of the injuries you suffer…

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  • A Look at Recent Statistics on Fatal Accidents

    … published in the Missourian reveals that more than 1,450 car accidents occurred in the Troop F area, which includes 13 counties of central Missouri. Of these accidents, 66 were fatal and resulted in the death of 73 individuals. Among the individuals who were killed in the accidents, 52 were behind the wheel at the time of the accident and many were…

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