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Family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations, including: marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; adoption and surrogacy child abuse and child abduction the termination of relationships and ancillary matters, including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards. juvenile adjudication paternity testing and paternity fraudThis list is not exhaustive and varies depending on jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions in the United States, the family courts see the most crowded dockets.
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    • A Family Court Attorney: Why You Should Have One

      Family court can be very overwhelming. Even more so if you are representing yourself and do not have an attorney. There are plenty of facets of the law that are unclear, and you don’t want to take the chance of making a mistake in times like these. A family court attorney is familiar with cases like yours and the laws that apply to them.

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    • Determining Oregon Spousal Support

      Spousal support is one of the few gray areas of Oregon divorce law. By that I mean that it is largely up to a judge’s opinion about what is “fair and equitable” under your circumstances. Because there is a lack of clear guidelines, people often end up fighting more over this because both sides are willing to roll the dice and hope the judge’s opinion matches their own.

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  • The Goals of Marriage Mediation

    … If you are having marital troubles, then there are a few resources where you can turn to for help. One of those resources is marriage mediation. Through marriage mediation, you might be able to find peace in your marriage. Learn all about the goals of the process and what mediation can do for your relationship. The Main Goals of the Process If you…

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  • Custody Rights for People Charged With Child Endangerment?

    … Divorces can get messy, especially if children are involved. Unless you have a good relationship with your soon to be ex, you’ll most likely run into custody issues. A child endangerment charge may only make this worse. Child endangerment could happen for many reasons and doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent. Accidents happen sometimes…

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  • 7 Things You Should Know About Oregon Family Law

    … Every state has its own unique twists in how they treat family law cases. For example, in Washington, the issue of legal authority to make decisions for the children is almost always given equally to both parents, while in Oregon, it is usually given to one parent exclusively. The following is a list of seven oddities to Oregon family law. 1…

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  • The Power of Mediation During a Divorce

    …, alimony, child custody, and child support. A mediator does not make decisions for you; they just help facilitate a discuss that ends in fair agreement to which both sides agree. The idea is to reach an agreement as quickly as possible. Mediation is fair to both sides because both people have their voices heard equally. A neutral third party can do…

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  • Protecting Your Small Business During Divorce

    …. Having the proper language is one important reason to find a family law attorney to ensure it is correct. The hardest question to answer is how to protect a business from your spouse getting value from it in a divorce settlement. Again, Oregon says that businesses are an asset, which means that they have value, and both spouses are entitled to half…

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  • 4 Ways Newport RI Legal Mediation Can Help You With Family Law Issues

    … Family law can be long, stressful and confusing. It’s difficult to comprehend the law when going through an expensive divorce. However, there may be an easier way to tackle the subject. Considering Newport RI legal mediation can alleviate the density of courtroom proceedings while finding a solution that benefits everyone involved — including…

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  • Immediate Danger Temporary Custody Orders

    … Brasier is an experienced Portland family law attorney focused on providing high quality work tailored to meet your needs. He provides divorce, custody, restraining order, and other family law services to the greater Portland, Oregon and SW Washington areas. You can reach him by calling 1 (503) 855-4777 or by using the form below. We are now on social media, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. …

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  • Words from Simon: What Employers Need to Know about Family Law

    … Last month, we introduced you to our extended family, Connect Family Law, a boutique law firm doing family law a new way. This month, we thought we’d continue the theme and share some things we’ve learned from the Connect team about the intersection of family law and the workplace. While the connection between the two might not seem clear…

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  • Mediation Tools for Family Success

    … A divorce can rip a family apart. The process often leads to bitter fighting between spouses. The issues of dividing assets and splitting custody of children produces a lot of hostility. And the goal of one or more of the parties involved is often to simply punish the spouse they are splitting from. If you feel that divorce is the best or only…

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