Fair Dealing

Fair dealing is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. Fair dealing is found in many of the common law jurisdictions of the Commonwealth of Nations.Fair dealing is an enumerated set of possible defences against an action for infringement of an exclusive right of copyright. Unlike the related United States doctrine of fair use, fair dealing cannot apply to any act which does not fall within one of these categories, although common law courts in some jurisdictions are less stringent than others in this regard.
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    … By Samantha Stepney. Are you considering firing an employee who is on vacation in order to avoid a scene at the office? We recommend that you reconsider this strategy for both legal and other reasons. Aggravated Damages All employers owe their employees a duty of good faith and fair dealing in the manner of termination. This duty is implied…

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    … distribution resulted in almost $9,000 of additional income tax. The Greens filed a claim with FINRA. When the case reached FINRA a number of causes of action were alleged including: negligence, gross negligence, breach of duty of good faith, and fair dealing and negligent misrepresentation/omission. The Greens sought: Compensatory damages…

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