Estate Planning

    • Important Provisions in Your Will

      Many things can happen to your estate after your death. To ensure that your survivors honor your wishes, hire an attorney to draft a will that is both clear in its terms and legally binding upon your heirs. Without a will, default legal rules of intestacy (dying without a will) take effect, and people whom you have never met can end up with your property. 12 readers -
    • The Benefits of Establishing an Inter Vivos Trust

      The strategic use of financial planning tools can address tax obligations, legal liability, and management of assets. Contact attorney Kenneth P. Carp today to learn more about how an experienced Missouri estate planning attorney can help you meet your financial goals. What Is an Inter Vivos Trust? An inter vivos trust—also known as a living trust—is created during the lifetime ... 7 readers -
  • Charitable Giving as Part of Your Estate Plan

    … and depends on your specific situation. Always do this with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer. Contact an Experienced St. Louis and St. Charles Estate Planning Attorney Today The Law Office of Kenneth Carp can help you with all aspects of estate planning, including charitable giving. We guide our clients through the development… 12 readers -
  • Ways to Reduce Your Estate Tax

    … family can pay less. 7. Qualified family-owned business interest If you own a family business, you may want to consider this technique. You can deduct a family-owned business interest from your total estate value. However, the IRS is very strict. For it to qualify for an exemption, your business needs to meet certain conditions. Here are some…

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 13 readers -
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About The Estate Planning Process

    … If you ever find yourself caught up thinking about what happens to you and your things after you die, you should start your estate plan. Though these thoughts can cause fear, there are many ways to find comfort from these concerns. Estate planning is a good start. Most of us have a limit to our knowledge about the steps and the many options…

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 14 readers -
  • Charitable Giving Tax Credit: Use It to Your Advantage

    …, a charitable giving tax credit remains a possibility if you donate to the right charity at the right time. The process is complicated, but the rewards are plentiful. Using the system to your advantage to receive a charitable giving tax credit places you ahead of most regarding taxes. While it may seem contradictory to give money to get money…

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 16 readers -
  • Estate Planning for Young Professionals

    …Estate Planning for Young Professionals Estate planning can look very different from client to client depending on each individual’s age, family makeup, health, and planning goals. A good estate planning attorney will consider each of these complex factors, and create a plan that addresses all of them, if possible. Very few young people make…

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  • Providence Will Attorneys

    …Providence Will Attorneys – Howe & Garside Are you growing older? Do you often think about the future? After your death, do you want to say how your assets will be divided? Benjamin Franklin once said, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. We can’t live forever. You also don’t know which day will be your…

    Jeremy Howe/ The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 22 readers -
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  • Providence Trust Attorneys

    … Estate planning is a difficult task for anyone. As you age, you probably start to think, “what will happen to my assets when I die?”. It is a good idea to look into trusts. Providence trust attorneys can help you learn if a trust is right for your loved ones. What is a Trust? A trust is a type of document. It names a third party called…

    Jeremy Howe/ The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 27 readers -
  • Rhode Island Elder Law Services You Can Trust

    … Rhode Island Elder Law encompasses many facets of elder law and estate planning. With the improvements of health and medical advancements, seniors are living longer, more active lifestyles than before. This brings new opportunities and perspectives to the conversation of elder law. The traditional vantage point of addressing elder law issues…

    Jeremy Howe/ The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 37 readers -
  • What is an Advance Directive?

    …What is an Advance Directive? by Fort Worth Estate Planning Attorney Susan Smith You’ve probably seen it in the movies or read about it in the news. It’s a heart-wrenching scenario: a spouse or parent is in a coma. A decision must be made: keep your loved one on life support, or let nature take its course? Making medical choices in a time…

    Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney- 22 readers -
  • Firearms Law Seminar – May 24, 2015!

    …. This seminar is being offered in support of Girly and a Gun and the Heritage Guild. The cost is $25 to Girly and a Gun. All attendees must RSVP by May 15, 2015. Attorneys Prince and Winter will discuss everything from the types of firearms that we can own in PA, to what constitutes a prohibited person under state and federal law, to firearm estate planning…

    Joshua Prince/ Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 17 readers -
  • What To Do If You Suspect Financial Elder Abuse

    … to the case in probate court.2 You should always have the assistance of an attorney who understands the complicated nature of probate disputes. St. Louis attorney Kenneth P. Carp handles many types of personal injury, probate, and other legal matters. He can evaluate your situation regarding financial exploitation of your older loved one and can advise… 11 readers -
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