Estate Planning

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About The Estate Planning Process

    …. Financial Asset Beneficiaries Having a name for all financial assets makes things run smoother, as all institutions can simply disperse the funds to their exact given holders. Having a beneficiary name on a particular item or asset avoids the probate process. This most commonly will occur in life insurance policies and retirement plans. Most…

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  • Charitable Giving Tax Credit: Use It to Your Advantage

    … not simply giving for the sake of giving, though that is a noble cause. You are also getting as well. Gifting of Life Insurance The gifting of life insurance is another great way to earn the charitable giving tax credit. Life Insurance is gaining steam as a popular gift, as it puts your beneficiaries in far better position, while earning you…

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  • Estate Planning for Young Professionals

    …Estate Planning for Young Professionals Estate planning can look very different from client to client depending on each individual’s age, family makeup, health, and planning goals. A good estate planning attorney will consider each of these complex factors, and create a plan that addresses all of them, if possible. Very few young people make…

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  • Providence Trust Attorneys

    … Estate planning is a difficult task for anyone. As you age, you probably start to think, “what will happen to my assets when I die?”. It is a good idea to look into trusts. Providence trust attorneys can help you learn if a trust is right for your loved ones. What is a Trust? A trust is a type of document. It names a third party called…

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  • Rhode Island Elder Law Services You Can Trust

    … Rhode Island Elder Law encompasses many facets of elder law and estate planning. With the improvements of health and medical advancements, seniors are living longer, more active lifestyles than before. This brings new opportunities and perspectives to the conversation of elder law. The traditional vantage point of addressing elder law issues…

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  • What is an Advance Directive?

    …What is an Advance Directive? by Fort Worth Estate Planning Attorney Susan Smith You’ve probably seen it in the movies or read about it in the news. It’s a heart-wrenching scenario: a spouse or parent is in a coma. A decision must be made: keep your loved one on life support, or let nature take its course? Making medical choices in a time…

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  • Firearms Law Seminar – May 24, 2015!

    …. This seminar is being offered in support of Girly and a Gun and the Heritage Guild. The cost is $25 to Girly and a Gun. All attendees must RSVP by May 15, 2015. Attorneys Prince and Winter will discuss everything from the types of firearms that we can own in PA, to what constitutes a prohibited person under state and federal law, to firearm estate planning…

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  • What To Do If You Suspect Financial Elder Abuse

    … Elder abuse has become a significant issue in the United States and can take many different forms. Though most people may first think of physical, emotional, or sexual mistreatment when they think of elder abuse, financial exploitation is also a serious form of abuse that can cause significant damage to older adults and their families. According… 11 readers -
  • Consumer’s Guide to Asset Protection and Bankruptcy

    …? NO! Intentionally trying to hide assets from creditors is FRAUD and this may create the risk of loss of a bankruptcy discharge, or criminal charges. The next time you’re faced with creditors breathing down your neck and you think of the many ways you can protect your stuff and lose the debt, be sure to consult with both an estate planning attorney and a bankruptcy lawyer …

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  • 2015 Estate Tax Repeal?

    … accounts, and life insurance have already exceeded these small caps. Both married couples and individuals should consider these figures when meeting with their estate planning attorney. Proper estate planning, whether through a trust, lifetime gifting, or charitable bequests from one’s estate, can greatly reduce, and in many cases eliminate…

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