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    • CPHR Legal Symposium 2018: Erin and Heidi Talk about Gender

      By Erin Brandt. At last week’s Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (BCYK) 2018 Legal Symposium, Heidi Eaves (Principal at Project House) and I led a rich and rewarding discussion on gender issues in the workplace. Our session began with a conversation about gender bias in hiring and advancement opportunities, wage inequalities, parental leave, dress codes, and harassment and violence.

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  • Employee Dismissal: A Morality Tale (Galea v. Wal-Mart Canada)

    … Erin Brandt By Erin Brandt. Last month, an Ontario Court ordered Wal-Mart Canada to pay a dismissed executive $750,000 in punitive and moral damages. As this award was one of the highest of its kind in Canada, we thought the case was worth special mention. What type of conduct by an employer could have led to such significant liability? Let’s…

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  • Suen: Family Status Protections for Both Parents

    … By Erin Brandt. The British Columbia Human Rights Code (the Code) protects employees who have competing work and family obligations from discrimination on the job. Put another way, the law prohibits employers from discriminating against their workers (including by firing them) because of their family status. Until recently, an employee…

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  • Stewart: Balancing Collective and Individual Rights

    … How can an employer ensure a safe workplace while also protecting its individual employees’ human rights? Erin Brandt considers this question in her latest case law update. Read Erin’s review of the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Stewart v. Elk Valley Coal Corp. here. The post Stewart: Balancing Collective and Individual Rights appeared first on . …

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  • Human Rights in BC: Should We Follow Ontario’s Example?

    … By Erin Brandt. The purposes of our provincial Human Rights Code are to: Foster a society in which there are no impediments to full and free participation in the economic, social, political and cultural life of British Columbia. Promote a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights. Prevent…

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  • Undue Hardship (CLEBC Paper, 2017)

    … By Shanti P. Reda and Erin Brandt. In this paper written for the 2017 CLEBC Employment Law Conference, co-authors Shanti Reda and Erin Brandt consider several recent court decisions dealing with the issue of undue hardship in the context of an employee human rights claim. Click here to read the article. The post Undue Hardship (CLEBC Paper…

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  • Gender-Based Dress Codes: Do We Need Another Law?

    … the Workers Compensation Act, the partial rationale for the new law appears to be one of health / safety – as Dr. Weaver pointed out when introducing the Bill earlier this month, high heels can be “extremely uncomfortable and unsafe”.) Interestingly, however, such gender-based discrimination is already prohibited by the British Columbia Human Rights Code…

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  • Workations: A Path Towards Sustainable Employment?

    … Erin Brandt, Contributor. Workations as a concept are nothing new. Employees, executives and business owners brought paperwork with them on holiday and maintained remote contact with the office long before we entered the Digital Age. Even the term itself has gone mainstream, as evidenced by its inclusion in the online Urban Dictionary…

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  • Probation: Why Bother?

    … was fired approximately 2 months after starting work, IHA did not provide him with any notice of dismissal or any severance in lieu of notice. Mr. Ly sued for wrongful dismissal. In considering Mr. Ly’s claim against IHA, the Court affirmed the following principles regarding the law on probation: • If an employee is dismissed during his probationary…

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  • Mentoring: Sustaining the Legal Profession and Our Clients

    … Erin Brandt, Lawyer. “Nobody succeeds on their own…” (US President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation, December 28, 2016) As January 2017 is National Mentoring Month in the United States (as so declared by President Obama), it seemed timely to write about mentoring in the legal profession. But how to approach the topic so that this post…

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