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  • Paradise Lost – Firing an Employee on Vacation

    … as a term in each and every employment contract. If an employer breaches this duty, a court may award an employee who brings an action for wrongful dismissal additional damages, known as aggravated or punitive damages, above and beyond any requirement to pay severance. Terminating an employee while he is on vacation, a time that is intended…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 4): Stat Holidays and Vacation

    … Photo by Crew Marketing By Geoff Mason. Earlier this month, we continued my 5-part blog series on summer employment with a post describing the special employment rules that apply to certain summer-centric industries. In today’s post (Part 4), I review the rules that apply to statutory holiday pay and vacation entitlements. Of the 10…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 2): Young Employees

    …. The same is true for employment law – younger workers are entitled to the same legal rights and protections as are their seniors. However, to reflect the special vulnerability of youth, BC’s Employment Standards Act (the ESA) places certain additional responsibilities on employers with young employees on the payroll. Here’s a quick primer to get…

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  • The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations

    … KEL Lawyer Trevor Thomas will be speaking about The Employment Standards Act at the Richmond Public Library, Brighouse Branch during Canadian Bar Association Law Week, 2017. When: Tuesday, April 18th, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Where: Richmond Public Library, 7700 Minoru Gate #100 What: Presentation Registration details coming soon! The post The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations appeared first on . …

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  • How Employers Can Foster “Sustainable Employment”

    … Last month, Kent Employment Law lawyer, Trevor Thomas, was invited to the offices of SRK Consulting Canada to speak to members of the Engineering Human Resources Association. Trevor’s focus was on how employers can foster “sustainable employment” in the workplace through their employee contracts. Sustainable employment refers to an employment…

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  • Sustainable Employment™: Make Every New Hire Count

    …, we thought it timely to share some of our own tips for employers on this topic. Read on for our top four… Negotiate the terms of your new hire’s employment with her openly and collaboratively. When you discuss the proposed terms of employment with your employee-to-be, solicit her feedback, and listen to what she has to say…

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  • Richard Johnson’s Top 10 Employee Tips for 2016

    … Lawyer Richard Johnson, Contributor. Sure, it’s almost March, but it’s never too late for a good top ten list, is it? Actually, we decided to wait until the New Year was well under way to bring you these employee tips so that they didn’t get lost in the social media shuffle. Without further ado, here are RBJ’s top ten employment law tips…

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  • Pregnant Employees: Accommodation, Leave and Doctors’ Notes

    … accommodation, and the role of doctors’ notes in this context. In British Columbia, pregnant employees enjoy rights and protections under both human rights and employment standards legislation: Under section 13 of the BC Human Rights Code, an employer may not discriminate against an employee on the basis that she is pregnant (under the protected ground…

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