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    • Decline of Traditional Retail

      By Geoff Mason. The holiday season brings many things to mind. Wrapping presents while sipping a glass of rum and eggnog. Playing hockey with friends on a frozen pond. And, of course, being packed into a frenetic supermall like a sardine. For those who never found the traditional Christmas shopping experience very appealing, respite may be on the horizon, but likely at a cost.

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  • The ESB: A Force to Be Reckoned With

    … By Fiona Anderson. Employers take note: The BC Employment Standards Branch (the ESB) can land a hefty punch against employers who are found not to be complying with the Employment Standards Act (the ESA). Many smaller employers are not one-hundred per cent sure of their obligations under the ESA, often assuming that if they are fair, there’s…

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  • Paradise Lost – Firing an Employee on Vacation

    … By Samantha Stepney. Are you considering firing an employee who is on vacation in order to avoid a scene at the office? We recommend that you reconsider this strategy for both legal and other reasons. Aggravated Damages All employers owe their employees a duty of good faith and fair dealing in the manner of termination. This duty is implied…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 4): Stat Holidays and Vacation

    … statutory holidays in British Columbia, four of them fall between May and September. The resulting long weekends, combined with BC’s warm weather, make the summer months an ideal time to take vacation. As such, it is important for employers and employees in a summer employment relationship to be aware of the Employment Standards rules surrounding stat…

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 2): Young Employees

    … By Geoff Mason. Last month, we launched my 5-part blog series on summer employment with a focus on the pros and cons of using fixed term contracts for seasonal workers. In today’s post (Part 2), I turn to the topic of young employees (defined as age 14 and under) and offer some employment law reminders to employers hiring from this demographic…

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  • The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations

    … KEL Lawyer Trevor Thomas will be speaking about The Employment Standards Act at the Richmond Public Library, Brighouse Branch during Canadian Bar Association Law Week, 2017. When: Tuesday, April 18th, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Where: Richmond Public Library, 7700 Minoru Gate #100 What: Presentation Registration details coming soon! The post The Employment Standards Act – Your Rights & Obligations appeared first on . …

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  • Flex hours: making it work for your business

    … among team members who may be physically separate. This is where it can help to lean on technology to bring your staff together. Telecommuting, Google hangouts, Skype, weekly teleconference meetings – there are innumerable ways to keep a disparate team together. It may take some imagination and effort, but when you’ve got the right people working for you, it’s worth it Share with others The post Flex hours: making it work for your business appeared first on . …

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  • How Employers Can Foster “Sustainable Employment”

    … Last month, Kent Employment Law lawyer, Trevor Thomas, was invited to the offices of SRK Consulting Canada to speak to members of the Engineering Human Resources Association. Trevor’s focus was on how employers can foster “sustainable employment” in the workplace through their employee contracts. Sustainable employment refers to an employment…

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  • Sustainable Employment™: Make Every New Hire Count

    … could be made a party to such a lawsuit. Address “difficult” topics like dismissal, severance, and just cause, fairly, directly, and clearly in the new employee’s contract. Wrongful dismissal claims are the bread and butter of employment lawyers’ courtroom practice. Why? In part, because contractual clauses that limit an employee’s right…

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  • Employment Standards: Why Ignorance is Not Bliss for Employers

    … Lawyer Erin Kizell, Contributor. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Lawyers know this idiom well, since it’s one of the first things taught in law school. Unfortunately, some non-lawyers are not familiar with it and, even when they are, may not have a full understanding of its implications. A group of Ontario employers recently learned what…

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  • Richard Johnson’s Top 10 Employee Tips for 2016

    … for employees in British Columbia: You are eligible for statutory holiday pay if you’ve been employed for at least 30 days before the stat holiday, and you have worked and/or earned money for at least 15 of those days. You may take up to eight weeks’ unpaid compassionate care leave from your job to care for a family member. You may take up…

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