• Drawing the line on personal use: Lawyers Weekly

    … Drawing the line on personal use: it’s a challenge to handle employees distracted by technology at work By Saul Chernos, Lawyers Weekly, December 23, 2016 issue Use of company time for personal business is hardly new. But rapid advances in high-tech, hand-held communications have ratcheted things up a notch. Read Richard Johnson’s perspective on this evolving employment law issue in Lawyers Weekly here. The post Drawing the line on personal use: Lawyers Weekly appeared first on . …

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  • Disrupting Disruptive Innovation: Are Uber Drivers Employees of Uber? Part I

    … willing to pay for them. In doing so, these companies have been able to avoid a litany of labors laws to which their non-gig competition is currently subject. Operating their own digital labor marketplaces, "middlemen" like Uber, Fiverr, TaskRabbit, and Postmates are making out like bandits, soaking upwards of 25% of the proceeds paid for a worker's…

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