Eminent Domain

  • Missoula, MT and Apple Valley, CA Team Up for Water Fight

    … rejected by The Carlyle Group, who has valued the water assets at $120 million.  Missoula has filed an eminent domain action to acquire its water system, with trial set for 2015. So far, Apple Valley is planning to value its water assets to begin a similar process. Though eminent domain is not the route Apple Valley wants to take, it does present a path to ownership.  …

    8 readers - California Eminent Domain Report
  • Maryland backs off eminent domain to seize TV show

    … The state legislature adjourned last week having abandoned a threat to seize the hit TV show “House of Cards” through the use of eminent domain, with negotiations over the extent of tax subsidies to the show still hanging in part. I’ve got an update at Cato, with specific attention to the use of eminent domain to confiscate moveable…

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
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