Embezzlement is the act of dishonestly withholding assets for the purpose of conversion (theft) of such assets by one or more individuals to whom such assets have been entrusted, to be held and/or used for other purposes.Embezzlement is a kind of financial fraud. For instance, a lawyer could embezzle funds from clients' trust accounts, a financial advisor could embezzle funds from investors, or a person could embezzle funds from his or her spouse. Embezzlement may range from the very minor in nature, involving only small amounts, to the immense, involving large sums and sophisticated schemes.
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  • The Different Types of White-Collar Crime Laws in Texas

    …) Antitrust violations Credit card fraud Computer/internet fraud Bankruptcy fraud Embezzlement Tax evasion Public corruption Economic espionage/trade secret theft Environmental law violations Counterfeiting Financial institution fraud Insurance fraud Kickbacks Mail fraud Phone/telemarketer fraud Government fraud Intellectual property theft or piracy Money…

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  • Bounties: How Law Enforcement Tracks Down Criminals

    … the defendant’s release. They also charge the defendant a non-refundable fee and/or require collateral in exchange for paying the bond. A defendant arrested for embezzlement may have a bail set at $20,000. The defendant’s family can’t pay the cash bail. A cash bail is the full amount of money the court wants in order to release the defendant…

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  • Property Damage Crimes and Texas Laws

    … and embezzlement. HAVE YOU BEEN CHARGED WITH A PROPERTY CRIME IN TEXAS? YOU NEED STRONG LEGAL REPRESENTATION. CONTACT ATTORNEY MATTHEW SHARP TODAY FOR THE HELP YOU NEED. Texas has another term for common crimes involving the destruction or harm to property. It’s called property damage crimes. These crimes generally don’t involve larceny. Instead, the person…

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  • Embezzlement: Texas Laws, Definitions, and Defenses

    … Texas Embezzlement Laws Financial crimes in Texas are a unique category of illegal offenses. While many actions are criminalized because they threaten the public safely or physically endanger other people, financial crimes are violations that threaten the economic security of others. Financial crimes can occur in a variety of settings, from…

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  • What Are White-Collar Crimes?

    …, white-collar crimes often involve the theft of tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the most common white-collar crimes include: Embezzlement Fraud Identity theft Taking a closer look at the definition of these offenses can shed some insight into white-collar crimes. Embezzlement Embezzlement is a crime which involves the misappropriation…

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  • Medicaid Fraud CEO Spends $510,000 Taxpayer Money on Psychic

    …. Not suprising since he is still in prison. Medicaid Fraud and the Need for Whistleblowers Medicaid fraud is not a victimless crime. Because Medicaid is paid with tax dollars, any fraud loss becomes the responsibility of taxpayers. Hard working men and women like you. Not only are taxpayers out over one half a million dollars paid to the psychic, press reports…

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  • Bribes and Corruption

    … Bribes and Corruption Posted by Matthew Sharp under Criminal Law, White Collar Crimes November 11, 2015 Bribes and Corruption in Texas When most people think about cases of criminal corruption, they may imagine money changing hands in secret or cash being paid to influence important decisions. Under Texas state law, using bribery or corruption…

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  • Brokerage Firm Liable for Ponzi Pastor’s Theft

    … served as a bodyguard for prostitutes. Price was caught during a routine traffic stop and was later convicted of bank fraud and embezzlement. In December he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. While Price’s arrest and long prison sentence may bring some closure to his victims, it doesn’t help them get back their life savings. Like many frauds…

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  • Embezzlement and White Collar Theft

    … Embezzlement and White Collar Theft Posted by Matthew Sharp under White Collar Crimes August 26, 2015 The act of embezzlement is considered a white-collar type of theft. While most people may think of theft as the act of taking property which belongs to another person, white-collar theft involves property or money which is stolen in a business…

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  • “Misconduct” as Defined by Missouri Unemployment Law

    …. For a long time, legislators complained that the threshold for misconduct was too high as several notorious former employees were able to qualify for benefits despite embezzlement, public urination at work, and similar acts. In response to the difficulty of meeting the previous “misconduct” standard, legislators were able to pass a new law,1 effective…

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