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  • Non-Sequiturs: 08.13.14

    …13 Aug 2014 at 5:00 PM Biglaw, Election Law, Law Schools, Libraries / Librarians, Non-Sequiturs, Politics * Maybe you weren't excited about Hofstra Law School, but did you hear they now have bean bag chairs in the library? Well, that changes everything! [Virtual Library Cat's Eye View] * An interview with Peter Kalis on the future of Biglaw…

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  • Morning Docket: 07.02.14

    …* The New York Court of Appeals put the hurt on defunct firms seeking unfinished business fees from former partners who left for greener pastures. Sorry, I didn't follow ATL protocol: "Dewey think firms should collect unfinished business fees?" [WSJ Law Blog] * We reported on the Tinder lawsuit yesterday. Here's a collection of all the messed up…

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  • FAN 20.5 (First Amendment News) — Move to Amend First Amendment Continues

    … and spending of money by candidates and others,’ and would further permit Congress and the states to prohibit campaign spending by ‘corporations or other artificial entities.’” For earlier coverage of this proposed constitutional amendment, see: FAN 18: What to do with the First Amendment? Election Law & Free Speech FAN 16: The Move to Amend & Leahy’s Upcoming Senate Hearing FAN 10: Justice Stevens’ Proposal to Amend the 1st Amendment       …

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  • Non-Sequiturs: 06.27.14

    …27 Jun 2014 at 4:27 PM 11th Circuit, Antitrust, China, Election Law, Law Schools, Non-Sequiturs * As I noted yesterday over at Redline, the defense in the NCAA trial is putting up some terrible witnesses. Here's another example. The NCAA's expert wrote a textbook. The NCAA might have wanted to check it out before bringing him on to help defend…

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  • The aftermath of Shelby County

    … In federal court, both parties normally bear their own litigating expenses, a principle known as the “American rule.” But there are some statutes, especially in civil rights cases, that allow prevailing parties to recover attorneys’ fees. About a year after the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County invalidating part of the Voting Rights Act…

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  • FAN 19 (First Amendment News) Law Prof. Contests Ban on Note-Taking in Courtroom

    … Slender Man, be held civilly liable for the recent violence suffered by the young victim of a stabbing attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin?The answer is a definitive “no” under First Amendment principles of free speech.”) Gene Policinski, “The dead do speak — freely, not to be forgotten,” NWI.com, June 8, 2014 Last Scheduled FAN Column: FAN # 18: “What to do with the First Amendment? Election Law & Free Speech” Next Scheduled FAN Column: Wednesday, June 18th …

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