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  • Eligibility to Get an Occupational/Restricted Use License in Texas

    … Has your Texas driver’s license been suspended? You may still be eligible to receive limited driving privileges under what is known as an Occupational Driver’s License. This is a restricted license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety on the order of a local judge. An Occupational Driver’s License allows the holder to operate […] The post Eligibility to Get an Occupational/Restricted Use License in Texas appeared first on The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates. …

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  • Punitive Damages for DUI Victims – St. Louis Auto Wreck Lawyers

    … for punitive damages in car accidents involving a DUI. (Learn more – Punitive Damages for Drunk Driving Lawsuits) What are Punitive Damages? Punitive damages are an additional compensation awarded to claimants in certain cases of personal injury. For example, if the accused party is charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the misconduct…

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  • St. Louis Accident Attorney – How BAC Level Affects Your Driving

    … bloodstream. The higher the BAC, the more alcohol a person has consumed and the more intoxicated he or she becomes. The BAC test measures alcohol content in grams per 100 ml of a person’s blood or 210 liters of a person’s breath. The legal limit of BAC is .08. (Learn more – Who Is Liable in Drunk Driving Accidents?) How Blood Alcohol Content Affects…

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  • Beware of Accidents Over Labor Day Weekend

    … should discuss your legal options with an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible following your accident. Drunk driving accidents Holidays are a prime time for drunk driving and the accidents that result from intoxicated drivers. Holiday gatherings tend to involve alcohol and, during long holiday weekends like Labor Day, many people drink…

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  • Rubbernecking Accidents

    … a lot with car accidents – we want to know who hit who and if it looks like anyone was hurt. It’s a natural human instinct to want to know. But unfortunately, rubbernecking leads to auto accidents. Curiosity is a Distraction At this point, people have heard about the dangers of distracted driving. Like the campaigns against drunk driving, safety…

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  • Memorial Day Parade Accidents

    … The last thing you want to be in is a car accident on Memorial Day. As Memorial Day approaches, Chicago and other cities and towns around the country prepare ceremonies and parades in honor of those who died for our country. While the pomp and circumstance don’t suit everyone, it is a way for Americans to remember the active military members who…

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  • Work Zone Accidents

    … an average 1,100 injuries and 27 fatalities per year. Many collisions are caused because of speeding in work zones and drivers not paying enough attention to the road and what’s around them. Distracted driving from eating and talking or texting on cell phones is also a major issue. Other factors like drowsy and drunk driving can lead to fatal accidents…

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  • Dan Ryan Expressway Crashes

    … vehicle or rear-ending someone. Accidents have also been caused by people driving the wrong way on the expressway. This can be related to drunk driving or illegal U-turns. In any situation, driving on the wrong side of the road can cause accidents. Contact a Chicago Car Accident Attorney If you were hurt in an accident on the Dan Ryan, you should…

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