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  • St. Louis Auto Crash Attorney – Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

    … in prison and a $5,000 fine. For a person to be charged with voluntary vehicular manslaughter, it must be proved that: he/she was driving in either a severely negligent or reckless manner, and the reckless or negligent driving behavior caused a fatality The Cause of Fatal Car Accidents Many fatal car accidents are a result of driver negligence…

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  • The Most Dangerous Times on the Road

    … of fatal crashes were alcohol related. In 2013, all fatal collisions were alcohol related and in 2012, 20 percent of deadly accidents were caused by drunk driving. Do You Have to Drive on New Year’s Eve? New Year’s Eve and day not any safer for driving than around Christmas time. In fact, it can be more dangerous as alcohol is a more common factor…

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  • How to Avoid Car Accidents at Christmas

    … for deer: Illinois has plenty of wildlife that can cause accidents. Whether it is a raccoon or deer, you need to be on the lookout for animals that might dart into the road. Collisions with deer are particularly dangerous because they can cause you to collide with another car or total your vehicle. Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. During those…

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  • FAQ about Drunk Driving Accidents

    … in Pennsylvania. As you can see, drunk driving continues to be a problem and continues to cause serious injuries. The following are some frequently asked questions of drunk driving accident victims. I believe a driver was drunk after an accident – what do I do? As with any accident, you always want to call 911 right away so that law enforcement…

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  • Traffic Fatalities Rising Nationwide

    … deaths and drivers should put their phones away while on the road. The NHTSA believes that cheap gas, human errors such as speeding, failure to use seatbelts, drowsy driving, drunk driving, and the strength of the economy and job market are more likely the causes of traffic fatalities. According to the NHTSA, there is no hard evidence that ties…

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  • MO Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

    … to liens against their property and wage garnishment until the debt is paid in full. What should I do in the event of a Missouri hit and run car wreck? Missouri law dictates that failure to stop for an accident could result in hit-and-run charges, which carry the potential for heavy fines and even jail time. In the event that you…

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  • St. Louis Auto Wreck Lawyers – Evidence Used Against Drunk Drivers

    … officer will conduct a breath test of the driver. The test is the strongest evidence against a drunk driver and can prove that the driver had a higher BAC than permissible levels. Police Reports A police report is used to document that an accident occurred, the involved parties, and the findings of the police officer. The report is an indicator of what…

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  • Number of Fatal Car Accidents Up 10% Over Last Year

    … be (and was) said about seat belts in the 1060s. We all know texting and driving is a serious problem, but unless we take steps to address the issue, the problem will only continue to get worse. While the implementation of stricter laws on drunk driving and safer lanes for bikes provide solutions to many traffic-safety issues, there is also a need for continuing…

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  • Have a Safe Halloween – St. Louis Car Accident Law Firm

    … are spoilt by a negligent driver, talk to a St. Louis car wreck attorney to discuss your case and understand your legal rights. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242. Car accident injuries can be very expensive to treat and may have long-term consequences. We will ensure that you are adequately compensated for your losses. Share and Enjoy • Facebook • Twitter • Delicious • LinkedIn • StumbleUpon • Add to favorites • Email • RSS…

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  • Car Accidents While Riding Uber in Dallas TX

    …Injured in an accident while riding in (or driving) an Uber vehicle? Our Dallas attorneys can help you file a claim and recover the money you’re owed. Liability Issues With Uber Technology has improved everything involved with our everyday life, including advancements in how we experience our night life. Uber (which includes UberX, UberXL…

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  • Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Increased in 2015

    … in motorcyclist fatalities; however, a total of 32 states (including Texas) leave the decision up to the riders. In 2012, Michigan repealed its helmet law (for the second time). Immediately after the law was repealed, doctors in emergency rooms noticed a sudden increase in serious head injuries from motorcycle crashes. The increase led to a three-year study…

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