Drowsy Driving

Sleep-deprived driving is the operation of a motor vehicle while being cognitively impaired by a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, and it can impair the human brain as much as alcohol can. According to a 1998 survey, 23% of adults have fallen asleep while driving. According to the United States Department of Transportation, male drivers admit to have fallen asleep while driving twice as much as female drivers.
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  • Drowsy Driving. How Unsafe is Driving While Fatigued?

    … at the wheel: Young people: More than half of fatigue-related accidents under 25 years of age. Night shift workers: often suffer from sleep deprivation, are much more likely to crash their cars – especially on their way home after a shift. People who suffer from sleep apnea: pauses in breathing that disrupt deep sleep, afflict one in three men and one…

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  • Sleep Deprivation & Teen Car Accidents – St. Louis Lawyers

    … to rectify the situation. Adequate sleep will help the teenagers to cope up with their emotional problems. As a consequence, they will likely behave in a better manner both at home and in school. They will be able to interact well in society. Their performance at school will likely improve. Additionally, there will likely be far less road accidents due to sleepy teens. Speak with a St Louis car accident lawyer 24/7 :: Call (314) 361-4242…

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  • Car Accidents Caused by Drowsy Drivers

    …Drowsy driving is a serious problem. Stay unhurt, drive alert! Those who choose to drive when they are sleepy or fatigued place the lives of many people in jeopardy, including their own. The statistics are alarming and continue to increase every year. While official government statistics tend to suggest that drowsy driving is only a factor…

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  • The Most Dangerous Times on the Road

    … to winterize your vehicle, listen to the weather and traffic reports, and prepare for poor road conditions. Get plenty of sleep the night before you leave so you are not guilty of drowsy driving. Leave early for your destination and take your time getting there. If the weather or traffic gets particularly bad, consider pulling off at a truck stop or town…

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  • Crash Rate Spikes with Every Hour of Lost Sleep

    … Think about the last time you got behind the wheel. How much sleep had you had the night before? Was it early morning or late in the evening? Were you yawning or in desperate need of caffeine? If the last time you drove you had fewer than 8 hours of sleep and you were fighting to stay alert, you are guilty of drowsy driving. You are not alone…

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  • The Dangers of Fatigued Driving

    … Fatigued or drowsy driving is a prevalent and dangerous problem in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that annually there are over 100,000 reported accidents caused by driver fatigue which account for nearly 1,500, 71,000 injuries, and a nearly $12 billion loss.1 Combating fatigued driving begins…

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  • Falling Asleep While Driving

    …, driving while tired or drowsy contributes to thousands of motor vehicle injuries and fatalities every year. Commercial drivers, shift workers, and individuals with untreated sleeping disorders are particularly at risk of falling asleep while driving. What Causes Falling Asleep at the Wheel? Sleep deprivation is often regarded as the main culprit…

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