Dog Bites

  • What are the Potential Complications of Bite Injuries?

    … According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA [1]), there are an estimated 70 to 80 million dogs owned in the United States. While dog ownership provides many benefits to humans and our canine companies alike, dogs also have the potential to cause serious injury when they bite. Dogs have extremely powerful jaws…

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  • Beware of Accidents Over Labor Day Weekend

    … and groups of friends take off to spend the weekend on lakes and rivers. Boats, jet skis, tubes, and other water sports equipment are fun and relaxing yet they always bring the risk of injuries. Spend the day on the water often involves drinking and music and other forms of entertainment, which can make it easy to become distracted and ignore safety…

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  • Dog Bites can Lead to Infections

    … be prescribed antibiotics or require a tetanus shot. If the infection has already progressed, you may need to be admitted to the hospital. If left untreated, however, your infection may spread into your soft tissue or bones or sepsis may develop, which can be fatal. Because of the risks of infection, it is best to be on the safe side and visit…

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  • Is a dog owner strictly liable for a dog bite in Missouri?

    … Dog bite injuries are a prevalent issue in the United States as every single day nearly 1,000 individuals require emergency care treatment for a dog bite injury.1 The consequences of suffering from a dog bite are, mental, physical, and financial. Dog bite injury related hospital stays typically cost around $18,000 which is 50 percent higher…

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  • Steps to take After a Dog Bite

    … are certain steps you should take to improve and preserve your chances of obtaining compensation for all of your injury-related losses. The following are only some examples of what you should do if you or your child sustains injuries from a dog bite. Seek medical attention Under Pennsylvania law,2 dog bites victims are entitled to compensation…

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  • Dog Bite Injuries Can Have Serious Complications

    … is infection. Dogs’ mouths’ have millions of bacteria that could potentially cause an infection, which in some cases may be severe enough to require surgical amputation of the affected body part, as one unfortunate Texas woman2 discovered. Fear of dogs – There are millions of dogs in the United States that are kept as pets, and it is almost impossible… 7 readers -