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    • Determining Oregon Spousal Support

      Spousal support is one of the few gray areas of Oregon divorce law. By that I mean that it is largely up to a judge’s opinion about what is “fair and equitable” under your circumstances. Because there is a lack of clear guidelines, people often end up fighting more over this because both sides are willing to roll the dice and hope the judge’s opinion matches their own.

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  • Can I Avoid Court For my Divorce or Custody Case?

    … usually results in everything getting worked out more smoothly, so nobody has to trust in a judge to make the final decision over their future lives. There are also cases where both sides are already agreeing to the terms of their divorce, we call these uncontested divorce cases. These cases can easily avoid going to court and our family law attorney…

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  • Legal Separation versus Divorce in Oregon

    … Legal Separation versus Divorce in Oregon June 16, 2016 by BrasierLaw The question often comes up regarding what the differences are between a legal separation and a divorce. We will attempt here to explain some of the key legal points to consider if you are deciding which of these options is best for your situation. Legal Separation…

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  • I’m Getting a Divorce, What do I do Next?

    … choices about what to give up, and what you aren’t willing to give up on, so by starting early to decide what issues you need to prioritize, you and your family law attorney will be able to develop a strategy to set you up for getting those high priority things. Third, plan out how to behave during the course of the divorce. For some people, it might…

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  • Do I Need a Family Law Attorney for my Mediation

    … attorney for Brasier Law a Portland, Oregon based family law firm specializing in divorce, custody, and restraining orders. Tom practices in the greater Portland area including Clackamas County and Clark County. You can reach Brasier Law by calling 1 (503) 855-4777 or by using the Contact Us form below.…

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  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Portland Divorce Attorney

    … 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Portland Divorce Attorney January 19, 2016 by BrasierLaw Who you hire as your Washington or Oregon family law attorney will go a long way towards determining how your divorce, custody, or other family law case plays out. Here are a few of the top mistakes people make when hiring a lawyer so you can avoid…

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  • How Long Will My Oregon Divorce Take?

    … weeks or a month at most. Other factors that can cause delay in your case include: a parties’ unwillingness to provide documentation as required to the other spouse; the effectiveness of the respective attorneys in pursuing settlement; as well as compliance with all court rules for mediation and parent education requirements. Tom Brasier is a family law attorney in Portland, Oregon and is also practices family law in SW Washington. He specializes in divorce, custody, spousal support, and restraining orders. …

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